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Meal Mondays: Homemade Beef Soup Recipe

I went to boot camp one day and we had this 1-minute drill called 15 touches.  That means you have to run back and forth between 2 lines at least 15 times before 1 minute is up.  You are sprinting back and forth trying not to get dizzy and trying to run straight to shave off any extra seconds off of your time.  After about 30 seconds of this ...

Look What I Stumbled Upon – Nike Training Club

Have you ever scrolled through the apps on your iPhone prepared to delete a few you have never seen before or ever used and fell upon an app you thought was going to hit the delete pile and ended up being one of your greatest new finds?  That is what happened to me the other day.  See, I have an iPhone and so does my husband.   I know he ...

Wednesday #Motivation

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