It’s Not Easy Being Green

Kermit The Frog sang this lamentation because he felt his life was hard.  I have been busy posting green smoothie and juice photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and I have had folks walk up to me and tell me they look GROSS!  They say the green smoothies look like green sludge and can’t imagine drinking it.  They observe the color and can’t get past it.  Whether the color is BRIGHT green, army green or light green.  Doesn’t matter.  They can’t get past it.

It sure isn’t easy being green but let me say these green concoctions are DELICIOUS, nutritious and gives you energy!!!!!  I am not telling a tale.  They are chock full of goodness.  I think what folks can’t get over is they associate green with perhaps GRASS and think the drink will taste like they are drinking it blade by blade.  I also think folks are so accustomed to eating and drinking “sweet” drinks like sweet tea, loading their coffee with sweeteners and eating their heart’s content of desserts (i.e. cake, ice cream, etc.) their taste buds just aren’t accustomed to the green “sweetness” which is an adjustment but a heart-healthy one.

I make my smoothies and juices with about 1/2 veggies and 1/2 fruit of all kinds.  I add pineapple, apples, pears, grapes, mango, strawberries, etc. and that definitely makes the fruit overpower the smoothie or juice.  Not a bad overpowering but the kind where you can’t taste the spinach at all.  You WILL feel like Popeye afterwards (all strong and full of life) but it won’t taste you like downed 2 gallons of leafy spinach.  Not that I don’t think that would taste awesome – but I recognize that for some, they have to take baby steps into this arena.

And honestly – I am not all the way there yet.  I have YET to make an all veggie smoothie or juice!  I always manage to throw a kiwi fruit or green apple up in the joint.  It’s a process and I recognize that.  But if you open yourself up just a wee bit, get over the color and focus on the taste and the freshness of the LIVE fruits and veggies you are putting into your body – you my dear sirs and madams will be CONVERTS!


Smoothies retain and contain the pulp where juices do not.  Both contain high nutritional value.  One has fiber (smoothie) and one extracts the juice from the fiber.  There are many resources on the net promoting these fabulous high vitamin and mineral libations so do a search, check them out – give them a try and don’t discriminate just because they are green.  You never know – you might like the chlorophyll so much your body starts craving it and can’t get enough.

IMG_0413This little concoction was inspired by Juice Generation.  It is a  juice (I do leave a little pulp in there to thicken it a bit) with pineapple, 2 green apples, 2 Anjou pears, 4 kiwi fruit, kale, organic baby spinach and about 10 mint leaves.  I like to call this one my Green Refresher because it leaves your mouth feeling so Fresh And So Clean and your body feeling revived.  Don’t take my word for it – try it for yourself.

IMG_0412This is the typical frozen fruit mix I add to my smoothie mixes.  Only about 3 fistfuls for good measure.  If I feel I need some more potassium I will throw in 1/2 a banana.  Sometimes I get leg or foot cramps so I have to add that wee bit of extra oomphf.

It’s not easy being green because many folks do not think they like the taste of green food but don’t discriminate and diversify the color of your food as well as your palate.  Ya never know, you may be on to “green”er pastures.

Be well my friends and leave a comment if you have joined the Green revolution in ways you never imagined.

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