I Love Veggies

I love vegetables!  I like them raw, grilled or mixed in main meals!  Some of my favorites are onions (LOVE LOVE), garlic, zucchini, bell peppers, red lettuce, brussel sprouts (new found love), cabbage, kale, collard greens……well ummmm…you get the picture!  LOL!


I was moved the other day to go to Home Depot and get me some veggie plants to plant on my deck garden in my pots.  I am too excited.  I’ve done this before (last year and the year before) and I always get happy thinking about the summer bounty!


This year I planted:


1.  Habanero peppers

2.  Cucumbers

3.  Red bell peppers

4.  Roma tomatoes

5.  Zucchini


Last year I planted herbs and the oregano came back!  I suspect because we had such a mild winter (not enough snow fall to even remember).  These aren’t as fancy of pots as the wooden wine bins but hey had to work with what I got!  Living a healthy and fit life means putting good things in your body so it runs and functions at its optimal potential without adding empty calories to the mix.  Good fuel for the body and soul!


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