Healthy Fats and My 3 Favorite Options

Guest post by Anna Lavonne Richardson

From a young age we are taught to avoid the “f” word, FATS. Fats have a reputation for being the cause of obesity or weight gain, but what if I told you there are healthy fats you should be eating?! Yes, you should be eating fats. I know this is completely opposite of what we learn growing up or what we see while roaming the grocery store aisles, but fats are a necessary component of a healthy diet. The trick is knowing the difference between a healthy fat and a “bad” fat.

Healthy FatsI plan on sharing my top 3 favorite healthy fats, but before I proceed I want to share with you more on why healthy fats are important. Fats provide your body with energy and fats help move fat soluble (A, D, E, K) through your bloodstream. Essential fatty acids are important for blood clotting, controlling inflammation, and brain function. Since our body cannot create essential fatty acids on its own, we must provide important nutrients through our diet. Without fats in your diet your body struggles to complete basic, but important daily functions.

I add healthy fats to each one of my meals. I spread my healthy fats out throughout each of my meals and keep a steady supply of healthy fats in my body throughout the day.

  1. Fats from Oils: My favorite healthy fats come from oils. Coconut oil is first on the list because of the many benefits it offers my body internally and externally. There is also hemp oil, MCT oil, and flaxseed oil. I add about a Tablespoon to my veggies after they have been heated.
  2. Fats from Nuts: Fats from nuts is, in my opinion one of the most common or popular ways to consume healthy fats. You can choose unsalted, roasted nuts or nut butter. Almonds, cashews, or pecans are great options. Grab a handful of almonds with your meals or a tablespoon of almond butter with an apple.
  3. Avocados: Avocados are in season and lucky us, they are considered a healthy fat. First word of advice; too much of a good thing can be considered a bad thing, so be careful not to over consume these little guys! I would say add a half of an avocado to your salad or smash avocado with a squeeze of fresh lime juice to spread on your grilled steak. Avocados are also very tasty in your own green-machine smoothie. Add spinach, half an avocado, ice, almond milk, a kiwi, and a scoop of vanilla protein powder. Super green, super tasty.



About the author:  Anna Lavonne Richardson’s health and fitness journey started in 2012 when she made the decision to compete in a fitness competition. Since August of 2013 she has competed three times, twice placing top 10 in her division.  She has taken time to become more than just a fitness competitor, though.  She believes health and wellness are so much deeper than strength and physical appearance.  She strives to learn the best practices to create a healthy balance through great nutrition, physical exercise, and mental strength.  She loves being a fit wife and an inspiration to other women.  She works hard to grow and develop personally through self teaching, trusting in great mentors, and sharing/teaching through my blog. Confidence, health, and happiness start from the inside out!  Her goal is to teach everyone how to reach their maximum potential through health and wellness. She wants to motivate other women to push past what is considered the “average” and to think beyond genetics.






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