Get A Slimmer Waist Without A Waist Trainer

Here’s how you can get a slimmer waist without a waist trainer.  I’ll also share what does work to get a sleek, snatched waist naturally.

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I don’t fault any woman for wanting a nice waist because it definitely complements our figures.  I mean even the Commodores knew a woman considered to be a Brick House has a tight waist.

In an effort to get this many women are turning to using waist trainers to help them reshape their figure into a figure 8.  I’m going to share with you why wearing a waist trainer doesn’t work, why it isn’t good for your body and what DOES actually work to slim your waist.

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Your Body

First and foremost your body already has its own waist trainer called the transverse abdominis.  It’s as a natural waist trainer and wraps around your torso.

It also serves as the Spanx of your abs.  Its main function is to act as your body’s natural girdle.

Why They Are Harmful

While I have seen photos of women who claim to have whittled their waist down to barely 20 inches all around, what they don’t share is how harmful waist trainers can be.

Breaks Ribs

Some women wear them so tightly they have broken their ribs.  Emergency rooms have declared they are seeing a rise of women coming to the ER with cracked ribs from wearing a waist trainer.

Reorganizes Internal Organs

When they are worn too tightly over time, they can begin to reorganize your internal organs which can impair their natural function.

Limits Eating

It limits how much you can eat and while that may sound like a benefit, as your stomach gets fuller it the waist trainer gets tighter and can make it difficult to breathe and move.

You also may not be able to eat as much as your body needs because the trainer is excessively limiting the consumption of nutrients.

Weakens The Core

The more one wears a waist trainer, the body’s natural waist trainer muscle and core aren’t developing and actually get weaker.  This is because when a muscle is not used it begins to atrophy which is a shrinking of the muscle.

Because of this, the core can’t perform its natural function of supporting the body.  It makes it more difficult for the core to do its job such as stabilize the body.

A weak core means it’s more difficult to stand, sit up straight, balance and can cause lower back pain.

I know this information might dash some hopes and dreams you may have had about waist trainers but I’m now going to share with you how you can actually get a smaller waist naturally.

Develop Your Shoulders And Back

When the shoulders and backs are developed it makes the waist look smaller because it gives the body a V shape.  I’m not talking building a broad back like a linebacker but you want to perform exercises that develop the shoulder and back muscles.

Exercises for shoulders that are effective are shoulder presses, upright rows, front raises, lateral raises and rear delt flyes.  Incorporate these into your fitness routine with medium weights and your shoulders will begin to pop.

Some exercises for your back that are effective are lat pull downs, pull ups, inverted rows, standing rows, narrow lat pull downs and seated rows to name a few.

Again, this won’t have your back broad like a linebacker but it will give it shape and form so it wings out in a way that has your waist looking smaller.

Try these workouts to get your started.

Trim your midsection and strengthen your core with these exercises which target your transverse abdominis muscles which is your natural girdle and get rid of waist trainers for good.  #nowaisttrainers #coreworkout #hardcore #abs #slimwaist #tva


Back and Shoulder Slimmer Waist Workout

Get a snatched waist by toning up your shoulders and back with this workout. #slimmerwaistworkout #womenshealth #shoulderworkout #backworkout #health #fitness #fitfam


Make your waist look slimmer and smaller with this back and shoulder workout #slimmerwaist #brickhouseworkout #snatchedwaist #shoulderworkout #backworkout


Eat Fiber

In order to have a small waist, you can’t have a big gut so you want to eat at least 25 grams of fiber a day and possibly begin taking a probiotic.  This will help keep things moving within your intestines to reduce bloating and waste build up in your gut.

It will also help flatten your belly faster.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Be sure to reduce how much sugar you are eating daily.  When overconsumed sugar tends to store in the waist area as fat.  This includes the belly, love handles and lower back.

Drink More Water

Drink at least 74 oz of water a day.  This helps with elimination, bloating, reduces water retention, manages hunger cravings and flattens the belly.

Practice Good Posture

Many of us tend to slouch when we stand or sit which can make our waist look bigger.  Practice walking and sitting with your head up, shoulders back and your back straight up.

While you’re standing or sitting be sure to engage your core as well so you exercise your natural girdle so it gets tighter.

You will be amazing at how much good posture can improve the appearance of a slimmer waist.

Kegels For Core

As you go about your day be mindful to tighten and squeeze your core throughout the day. This is working your natural girdle, as mentioned before, and will help it develop.

To do this think about contracting your core as if you’re trying to press your belly button into your spin.

Be consistent with this method and your waist will be snatched and slimmer naturally in no time because you are working those muscles.

Here are some ab workouts I created to help develop the core and ab muscles.

[Ab Workouts]


Here is your bonus tip, you want to eliminate the excess fat from around your waist as quickly as possible so it looks slimmer.  While you can’t spot reduce fat, you can perform high intensity interval training (HIIT).

HIIT targets fat loss vs. muscle loss.  It deliberately burns fat at a higher rate than less intense steady state cardio.

Here are some HIIT workouts you can try.


Now that you know how to naturally slim down your waist, incorporate these tips and in no time your waist will be snatched.

Who plans to try these waist-snatching workouts?


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    xanimal July 22, 2019 (10:36 am)

    I love your tips away!! Thanks

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    Melissa Moore December 11, 2019 (8:54 pm)

    Most people pay attention to the waist in the part of weight loss, do not want to expose the bucket waist in the summer. So how to lose weight? It can be noon or evening practice. Stand right and twist your waist 100 times (similar to the belly dance twist movement, you need to rely on waist strength, not a leg or back strength), as long as you persist every day to ensure effectiveness!