How To Get A Firm Butt While Losing Weight

Everywhere I go I am asked how to grow a firm butt while losing weight.  It seems as if they would work against each other but they don’t have to.  hear me out.

I see firm butts, glutes, booty, rump, derriere, posterior, backside, hams and any other name you can think of to label the gluteus maximus.    It must be a phenomenon.

If you want to lift and grow your butt and booty then follow these tips and workouts. #bubblebutt #applebottom #roundbooty #booty #firmbutt #glutes #lunges #hipextension #brazilianbutt #buildabooty #bootybuilder

As a result I get a lot of questions of how to lose weight and lose fat BUT keep the butt.  This post is here to answer those questions.  Before I deep dive into it all have you checked out our online fitness accountability group.

If you  haven’t you should join us.  It’s all fun, great information, wonderful encouragement and it is 100% FREE!!!!  Can’t beat that.

As an African American woman, my weight has fluctuated but my butt has remained.  Many of us seem to have ample posteriors.

But for those of you who do not keep reading because I’m going to share the basics on how to get a nice round “apple”.

Please understand, it will require discipline, consistency and effort on your part to develop your glutes but I guarantee if you follow these steps you will have a nice firm rump in no time flat.  Let’s get into to.

What makes up the booty?

The butt or glutes is made up of 3 main muscles, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.  The one people tend to focus the most on is the gluteus maximum because as the name indicates, it is the largest of the 3 muscles.

While that is important, you can’t neglect the other 2 muscles that make up the glutes.  They work together to round everything out.

Why have a firm rump?

I read an article a few years ago that stated women with big butts were smarter.  What do you think?  You can read the article HERE.  I don’t necessarily know if that is true or not but having a nice, curvaceous glute balances the female form in my opinion.

How big is too big of a butt?

This isn’t a direct measure but if you want to try and determine some healthy ratio, measure your waist (tape measure across the belly button) and then measure your hips (tape measure measures across the widest part of your hips and glutes) and divide the waist measurement by hip measurement.

A healthy ratio is NO GREATER than 80%.

How to firm up the butt?

These tried and true tips will help you not only develop your glutes, you may also find your hips, hamstrings and quads are also benefiting which is a WIN in my opinion because having all of those areas developed truly complement each other.

High Intensity Interval Cardio Training

Crank up the treadmill, incumbent bike or go to your favorite Zumba class and go all out when you work out in intervals.  If you are on the treadmill be sure to crank up the incline because that will help target the glutes vs. no incline.

Perform intervals in the ratio of 2:1.  For example 1 minute intense, 30 seconds recovery.  If that is just too much for you start with a ratio of 1:2 (30 seconds intense, 1 minute recovery) until you have built up the stamina.

Protein is your friend 

I am not a big proponent of high protein diets because they can be taxing on the kidneys but you definitely want lean protein in your life.  If your stomach can take it from both animals and plants.

Great sources of lean protein include salmon, steak, chicken breast, ground turkey, ground chicken, beans, chickpeas, and quinoa just to name a few.

There are also some delicious protein powder supplements you can drink pre or post-workout which will not only help your glute muscles recover from the intense workout, but also keep you full for several hours so you aren’t overeating on junk food.

Do your research and figure out which protein powder is best for you, your wallet and your stomach.

Cardio Routine

Try these walking and jogging incline cardio workouts to work your glutes.  While it may seem less intense, you are going to FEEL IT!

Use this incline HIIT workout to help grow your glutes. If you want to lift and grow your butt and booty then follow these tips and workouts. #bubblebutt #applebottom #roundbooty #booty #firmbutt #glutes #lunges #hipextension #brazilianbutt #buildabooty #bootygainz



Glute Exercise Routine

For the non elevated exercises use hand weights to increase the intensity a bit.  You can also use resistance bands or mini loop bands to add resistance.

The more you work your glute muscles the bigger they will grow even while you are losing weight.


Many of us find ourselves sitting at desks for hours on end on the phone, in meetings and doing work.  That makes our glutes lazy and unable to engage like we want.  It’s a big muscle group with 3 primary parts maximus, medius and minimus so you want to show your glutes some love.

This workout will do just that.  It’s 5 rounds of power and your booty is gonna love you for it!

Wake up tired glutes (booty) with this workout that will hit all sides of this large muscle group for a rounder booty.  #donkeykicks #gluteexercises #bigbooty #booty #brazilianbutt #buttworkouts #gluteworkouts



Booty Lift Pyramid Workout #glutes #buttworkout #brazilianbutt #brazilianbuttworkout #bubblebutt #posteriorchain #hamstrings #homeworkout #athomeworkout #workoutsforwomen #athomeworkoutsforwomen #buildabootyworkout



Leg Crushing Workout #legs #hamstrings #glutes #calves #squats #sumo #lunges #compoundmovements #fitness #exercise #getfit #fit #fitfam



This booty pyramid workout will build your booty as well as help you tone.   #glutes #buttworkout #brazilianbutt #brazilianbuttworkout #bubblebutt #posteriorchain #hamstrings #homeworkout #athomeworkout #workoutsforwomen #athomeworkoutsforwomen #buildabootyworkout



BIG BUTT Workout #bigbooty #bubblebutt #bootyday #bootyworkout #buildabooty #bootyworkouts #bootygains #upperbooty


Bubble Butt Pyramid Workout For Women

This bubble butt pyramid workout will build your booty as well as help you tone.   You can perform this workout for women at home or in the gym.  #fitbody#glutes #buttworkout #brazilianbutt #brazilianbuttworkout #bubblebutt #posteriorchain #hamstrings #homeworkout #athomeworkout #workoutsforwomen #athomeworkoutsforwomen #buildabootyworkout #bigbutt



Develop your glutes with this workout that only requires a bench and heavy dumbbells.  #gluteworkout #lowerbodyworkout #workoutforwomen #bootybible #booty #bbl #brazilianbuttlift #bubblebutt


Knee-Friendly Perky Glutes exercise routine (video)


What are your favorite butt exercises?


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