#FitTube Tag Episode 4: Favorite No-Equipment Workout

#Fittube Favorite No - Equipment Workout

 Today’s episode is all about our favorite no-equipment workout.  I am working to do better with my YouTube videos so they are of value to all of you and you learn something perhaps you didn’t already know so I truly appreciate all of your support of my channel and the entire series.

My favorite no-equipment workout is plenty but the two I highlight in the video are:

1.  Tricep dips

2.  Push ups

Ok ok, in the video I do use a bench to execute these exercises BUT you can perform these exercises without official equipment or improvise with home furniture such as a chair for the tricep dips.  I hope you enjoy it and please let a comment letting me know what your favorite no-equipment is.

Check it out.

Stop by next week to catch our next episode.  Thanks for watching!!!

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