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FFFC:  Please introduce yourself to our readers (i.e. your name, occupation, hobbies, etc.).

Hey there my name is Rebecca I’m 33 years old, live in Michigan and work as a dispatcher. I’m a NAFC certified Nutrition Coach and Group Fitness Instructor. I love (as I call them the big 3 F’s) Food, Fitness and Football! I have a passion for all things Health and Wellness and am always trying to learn all I can and am a big believer in the motto ‘Nutrition Matters’.

FFFC:  What sparked your weight-loss transformation journey?

In February of 2011 as I was getting ready to go out for my birthday I stopped for a moment to realize I had literally tried on ALL of my clothes in my closet and I do mean ALL of them, and not one thing fit me. Nothing fit me. I was so depressed and finally grossed out enough with myself that I called the personal trainer I met in college that very next morning! (http://www.byoungbfit.com/ )

FFFC:  What was your beginning and current weight or measurements?

On 3/9/2011 at B Young B fit my weight (no measurements) was taken, I weighed in at 264 pounds and 44.3% body fat.

On 8/11/17 1 week out from my 2nd NPC show at Living Out Loud (http://www.livingoutloudllc.com/) studio my weight and measurements were:
137.2 pounds, 17.1% body fat, Waist 25”, Bust 33”, Arms 9”, Thighs 18” and Hips 35.5”

( < — 7 year transformation )


FFFC:  Which physical activities did you participate in during your weight-loss journey?

I started personal training 3x a week and that was about it in the beginning. As time went on I found and fell in love with group fitness classes, outdoor biking and going on nature adventures with my Greater Swiss mountain dog. Today I still personal train 2x a week, workout on my own most every morning and still get in classes when/where I can.

FFFC:  What inspired you to start competing on the stage in the Bikini category?

A few things actually. One being the biggest supporter for me, my boyfriend! He’s been by my side through this entire journey and said to me “One day you’ll be up on the stage” long before the idea ever crossed my mind. So when I finally got around a weight I thought I could really put in some work here and make it to the stage I went for it! I was also following a lot of fitness accounts on IG and really started to love the idea of competing and loved seeing the dedication these ladies were putting forth. I feed and thrive off of others who grind and work hard, I knew I just had to be a part of it all!

FFFC:  What does your typical workout routine look like as you prepare for your competitions?

I personal train 2x a week at Ann Arbor Functional Fitness through Infinite Iron with one badass trainer (https://www.a2functionalfitness.com/), 1 hour cardio 3x a week and weight lifting on my own 4-6x a week making any adjustments per my trainer or coach to cardio time/intensity as the prep goes along.

FFFC:  What do you typically eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner as you prep for the stage?

Breakfast: PROTEIN SHAKE MEAL! This is my all-time favorite and I have been making it for YEARS just making tweaks along the way. It’s more of a meal-meal than just protein and water. I mix in egg whites, almond milk, chia seeds, power greens, collagen peptides and frozen fruit. Depending on where in prep I am I may swap out/in some other goodies.

Lunch: Prep or not this is pretty much always my lunch. Sweet potatoes, a vegetable and protein. During prep I was eating meat since my last show I am now Pescatarian so lunch has switched to a black bean burger with an egg as my protein.

Dinner: 4 oz Protein (seafood), vegetable with either brown rice or quinoa.

FFFC:  What is your favorite fitness activity?

Lifting heavy weights!!

FFFC:  What is the best thing about competing?

Show day baby! All the hard work is done, all the tears are cried, there’s no more water to be drank it’s time to suit up and show out! All that surrounds the show is what makes it all worth it, getting glammed up and hitting that stage with everyone is a feeling like no other.( Nov 2016 – Aug 2017 — > )  













FFFC:  What would you say is the most challenging about competing?

Just staying the course either you or your coach has planned out for you. You will question almost everything about what you’re eating and doing. Is it right for me? Is it enough? Will my abs finally pop? Etc, etc, etc. Silencing this in your head and just trusting the process is the biggest challenge.

FFFC:  What advice do you have for other women interested in competing in bikini?

Do your research! Read others blogs and seek professional (personal trainer, posing coach, and nutritionist) help! In my opinion this journey to the stage isn’t for everyone and you won’t truly know if it’s right for you or not unless you know what it truly takes to compete.

FFFC:  What future shows do you have coming up and how can folks find you on social media?

I’m planning on for my first show of 2018 to be the Lenda Murray show on August 18th, this was also my first show in 2017 and then to follow it up with 2 more shows in September, the Powerhouse Classic on the 8th and Great Lakes Ironman on the 22nd.  I’m so excited to see what gains I’m able to make this year!Stay the course and see the beauty of life unfold for you!

You can find me on IG @reba.beba and I have a Health and Wellness FB page https://www.facebook.com/Rebashealth.wellness/


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