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FFFC:  Please introduce yourself to our readers (i.e. your name, occupation, hobbies, etc.)

DFT:  My name is Dr. Frances Thomas, 42, and I am a teacher, Pastor’s wife, and the mother of 2 sons ages 20 and 17.  I enjoy working out, playing basketball, and spending time with my family

FFFC:  What sparked your weight-loss transformation journey?  

DFT:  I’ve always been on a weight-loss journey since having my children.  I tried every quick weight-loss fad you could think of (diets, pills, etc.).  I’ve bought numerous late night infomercial products in hopes that they would be the solution to my problem.  Yes, the weight would come off temporarily and then it would steadily creep back up.  My wake up call happened in three stages: first, on my 30th birthday, the doctor gave me a prescription for high-blood pressure meds and then secondly, continuous doctors visit would heed the warning that if I didn’t make changes in my weight and my current blood pressure, I could be have diabetes as a result.  Although, I heard such a gloomy report, nothing got my attention like the unexpected passing of my mom from numerous health problems.  She missed out of so many special family events that would’ve brought her so much joy.  At that moment, I decided I needed to change.  I did not want my husband or children to experience the void I would leave in their lives or such special moments with them if I didn’t finally make some real-life changes for the better.

FFFC:  What was your beginning and current weight or measurements?  

DFT:  Unfortunately at 6’2, I was able to carry around alot of weight well (if that’s possible!).  At my highest or BW, I was 320.  I joined this group when I was at 285 and my current weight now is 250.

FFFC:  How long did it take for your weight-loss transformation from beginning to end?

DFT:  I’ve been working on my weight-loss transformation through exercise consistently since 2010.  I had some success and was able to drop my weight to 285, but it seemed like I was stuck there. It wasn’t until I accepted that weight-loss requires not only physical fitness BUT healthy-eating that true CHANGE begin to happen.  Since joining this group in February 2016, I been able to see tremendous results!  Within the past 6 months, I have lost around 35 pounds and dropped my body fat% from 47.5 to 28.3

FFFC:  Which physical activities did you participate in during your journey?

DFT:  Right now, I am a gym-rat and loving it!  I make sure I get some cardio and core in every workout.  Then I alternative upper lower body strength training. I love any kind of FitCamp to give myself the extra push from my daily routine. 

FFFC:  How did your eating habits change?

DFT:  I feel that I have adopted the 80/20 rule when it comes to healthy eating. I make sure the majority of my meals are healthy, while I can indulge on not so healthy meals, snacks occasionally.  More than anything, I watch my consumption of fried foods, sugar, sweets, sodas.  These things are definitely on a limited basis.  One big help for me is that my mindset has changed on eating in that I give myself the pleasure of a cheat meal and not a cheat day- Too many calories to try and burn off.

FFFC:  What do you typically eat for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner?

DFT:  For breakfast, I love my green smoothies.  Sometimes I may have one for lunch too or opt for a salad.  Dinner usually consists of a protein (chicken, shrimp), green vegetable, brown rice, and my favorite sweet potato.

FFFC:  What is your favorite fitness activity?  

DFT:  I love elliptical machine

FFFC:  What do you do now to maintain your physique?  

DFT:  I drink at least a gallon of water a day, get my exercise in at 4 am for at least 1 hour, and make sure I make healthy food selections.

FFFC:  How did you develop and sustain the willpower to avoid the bad stuff (i.e. junk food, bad drinks, lack of activity, etc.)?  

DFT:  I love working out and I know it’s helping to develop a better me on the inside and out so that easy.  Junk food/sweets are my downfall, so I know I can’t bring them in the house.  My family has to buy individual portions for themselves.  If I want dessert, I enjoy it at the restaurant so there’s no temptation for seconds.

Dr. Frances Thomas

FFFC:  What advice do you have for someone looking to get started with their fitness journey but not sure where to begin?

DFT:  Making up your mind that you are worth a BETTER YOU and a better quality of life is the foundation/starting point.  Then surround yourself around others who are also striving to become better.  Find challenges within yourself to make yourself proud and keep you encouraged.

FFFC:  What do you think is the biggest misconception about this journey?  

DFT:  One of the biggest misconceptions about this journey is that you can outwork bad eating habits. You can’t!

FFFC:  Do you have any fitness inspirations?  Who are they?  

DFT:  I’m really inspired by the ladies in this group.  Through their honesty and encouragement, I just want to keep pushing each day.  Also, my personal inspiration is seeing the motivation I give my family.  They are willing to try to get healthier just because of the changes I’m making.

FFFC:  How can readers learn more about your transformation and journey online (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)?

DFT:  @drtee45 (Instagram), Frances Doctor Thomas (Facebook)


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