Cycle 5 – 30-Day Cinch An Inch Fitness and Nutrition Challenge

cycle 5 cinch an inch challenge

It’s time to get back full swing into Back To School mode and do we have a challenge you don’t want to miss.  We are kicking off Cycle 5 of our crazy wild and popular Cinch-An-Inch Fitness and Nutrition Challenge which starts October 17, 2016.  It’s ON!!!!  This is the LAST challenge in 2016 so make sure you are a part of it.  Stop sitting on the sidelines and get in the game especially before the holidays hit.

Our current challengers are losing inches left and right and they are also learning new healthy habits in the process.

This challenge is designed to NOT ONLY help you beat belly fat but burn and lose fat as well as weight from all over.  Since you can’t spot train it makes sense we bring you a total body program so you burn excess fat, build muscle, build endurance, lose excess inches as well as weight.

This fitness and nutrition challenge is the 5th one in the series and we are very excited to be bringing this to all of you!!!

Hear all about it here.

Start Date:  October 29, 2018

Cost:  $19.99  

Who:  Any and everyone 18+ or older who is ready to drop the excess weight and inches from their body (this challenge is open to men and women)

Register:  HERE

Here’s what you get with your registration:

1. Weekly workouts focusing on interval cardio and total body
2. Weekly meal plans with vegan options
3. Weekly grocery shopping list
4. Access to the private Facebook online challenge group where all of the workouts, meal plans, etc. will be listed as well as support
5. Me as your health and fitness coach

Recommended equipment:

Here’s how this is going to work:

  • You register for the challenge by clicking the big orange button below (registration is non-refundable and all sales final) and send me a photo copy of your signed waivers (links are below)
  • You work hard for 4 weeks (check in daily in the challenge group, follow the workout routines and meal plans to a T)
  • You measure out on Day 30 with a single front waist measurement photo with tape measure measurement
  • The persons who loses the most inches from their waist wins
  • All sales final

You really have no excuse to not sign up.  You want to drop the the weight but haven’t been successful doing it on your own, then do it with us.  We want to help you lose the excess inches and weight by showing you the healthy way to do it with proper nutrition and regular workouts so let’s do this.

Please download, sign, send the waivers, and your shirt color choice and size to [email protected], and register and you are IN!  You will be added to the Facebook private challenge group based on the email associated with your payment.  If the invite should be sent to a different email please let me know.

Once the non-refundable registration and waivers are received you will be added to the challenge group (we will need to be Facebook friends for me to add you) where all materials for the challenge will be available.  Let’s go.

Watch the video to see what you can expect


Challenge Waiver


CAIC Challenger Therese

Therese Johnson

Therese lost over 5 inches from her waist in our 30-Day Cinch An Inch challenge

IDK about nobody else, but the March #TurnUp has been real!!!!! I had been looking for a good solid meal plan forever to really help put food in perspective for me. The challenge meal plan has done just that. For the last 5 days I have eaten less than 1300 calories and not been hungry! The other 4 days I was under 1500, which is still amazing for me. I’m used to eating 1800 plus. Even when I ate out over the weekend, I still stayed under my calorie goal. I feel like my body is really adjusting to eating less but more filling foods. Now if I could just get this exercise consistency thing down, I’d really be on top! They say abs are made in the kitchen so I hope this healthy lifestyle modification pays off one way or the other 💪

CAIC Challenger Natalie

Natalie Wood

Natalie went from 210 pounds to 188 pounds after participating in 2 cycles of our Cinch An Inch challenge.

Just an FYI: That Cinch an Inch Contest is so bomb. I’ve learned so much already about nutrition and health. Exercises that fit my body type and needs, foods that my body need… Im telling you. Its just amazing. One on one coaching, conference calls, Skype meetings, personal phone numbers… Y’all better quit sleeping on these challenges just because they cost a fee. You spent more money in a week eating out. Invest in your health. What you learn- you carry with you for a lifetime. I can’t wait for the next one. Don’t meet me there, beat me there. And this PSA was free99. Hahahaha Feeling like a champ!!!

CAIC Challenger Melle

this was such an eye opening experience. a rude awakening to my body when it was denied its usual fare. a pleasant surprise in that i didn’t want to check in with myself weekly and my Honeymoon created a moment that i KNEW was going to derail my forward progress, however, my body prevailed. i am thankful that i was able to work hard prior to the vacation. CINCHERS.. we HAVE to keep working at it. i was able to wear my 2-piece on the beach and not be shamed *WHAT!!?!?!?*

My new attitude came from the inner transformation. The scale wasn’t moving much but my shape is different. My jeans fit my booty like booty-fitting jeans should. Compliments from my husband boosted my esteem. People will say..”i see it” and i’m like YAAAS!

Like others.. I thank God for the visionaries Soror @Diatta Harris andAdrienne Gordon for doing their thing and working their purposes to the fullest. i will be back in sync with you in the future to further my quest of a six-pack…(lol)

#Cincher4Life! #dida2pieceonthebeach#liveandbreathehealth

Your coaches

Diatta Harris

Diatta Harris – Fitness and Health Coach



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