Why I Decided to Become A Certified Personal Trainer


A few years ago I made a declaration on this blog that I was going to work on my personal trainer certification.  Now that I think about it – that was 3 years ago!  It took me 3 years to muster up the courage to actually put into action plans I always had in store.

My love of fitness started when I was young and away at Summer camps.  The camps would have gyms with equipment and I would work out on them as early as the age of 12.

Fast forward in 2005 a former co-worker survived breast cancer and was running marathons and I was extremely impressed so she started taking me out on the running trail with her on Saturday mornings at 7 am.  It ignited in me my love for everything fitness and health related.

I do have degrees in healthcare and was always planning to be involved in healthcare one way or another.  Life took me in the direction of Information Technology but I wanted the fulfillment of making and seeing a change in a person’s life and I felt personal training could help me with that.

In 2008 a friend of mine came to town and we hung out with a local friend of hers I met a few years prior.  She looked fabulous from what I recalled.  She was firm, trim and slim.  I asked her what she did and she told me she was working out with a personal trainer at Brick Bodies gym.

I asked for the info and once I received it I called the personal trainer to get my workouts scheduled.

I ended up working out with that trainer for a good 7 years on and off until she decided to retire from personal training and start a family.  I felt lost but she told me that I could do it and knew what to do.

She also advised me of some of the common certifications that were widely recognized and accepted by gyms.  So I did some research and ultimately decided to pursue my certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

I started my studies in May 2016 and sat for the exam in August 2016 and passed on my first try!  I was so ecstatic because while I knew alot about exercise, etc. these studies focus on the science behind things like the real names of muscles, ATP-PC energy, nutrition and much more.

I soaked it all in because this made me understand the why behind certain exercise and workout routines.

Now that I am certified I decided to take on clients online and in-person.  It is a dream come true and let me share I am very excited about this new phase in my alternate career.

Here’s where I share my story.

If you would like me to work with you as your own personal trainer read all about my services HERE and sign up.  I have slots available and would love to work with you.

What dream have you pursued and achieved lately?

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2 Replies to "Why I Decided to Become A Certified Personal Trainer"

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    noor November 26, 2016 (4:06 am)

    My mom is an LMT who works for herself and most of these apply to her too. But, like you said, it’s really rewarding to work for yourself. She could have worked at a large massage chain but instead she built up her own client base and gets to work in a way that is meaningful to her.

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