Countdown….Only 30 Days Left – Did You Vote Yet?

This is the final month of a 3-month contest I entered with my local gym Brick Bodies (PHEW).  It’s been a long time but several supportive followers, co-workers, family and friends have continued to vote for me daily to help me win this contest which is hosted on Facebook.  It is a Social Treadmill Challenge  and I am really trying to win.  Right now I am in second place with over 600 votes and trying to take over first but it is an uphill climb.

I know many of you who follow this blog have never met me in person or know me from a can of paint but trust and believe – I want this badly and can really use the prize which includes 10 free personal training sessions plus 3 free months of gym membership!  Now you see why I am so hype.  I plan to post a daily countdown until the contest winner is announced (I hope that winner is ME).

Please help me out and VOTE FOR ME!!  Every time I receive a vote it equals a virtual mile on the treadmill.  Whomever has the most miles at the end of the contest WINS!  I am competitive and really want this.

So here is how you can help me…..simply click


and vote for Diatta Harris every day until May  31, 2013.  That’s it…5 seconds every day DONE!  FINITO!

I have received feedback that folks are clicking on the link and nothing is happening.  Here are a few tips:

1.  Easiest to log in via iPad, laptop or desktop.  You can vote via mobile but it takes you through a series of things that can be confusing.

2.  You will have to “LIKE” the Brick Bodies FB page.

3.  You will have to “ALLOW” the Social Treadmill app on your device

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE FOR ME (yeah I’m begging!!!).  Again, the name is Diatta Harris and the photo is


The more clicks I get, the more miles I receive, the closer I get to the goal of being #1!!!!  🙂  Thank YOU!!!!

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