How To Build A Better Booty Without Squats or Equipment

If you want to build your glutes but are unable to do squats then try these knee-friendly workouts that will help you build a bigger butt without squats.  #kneefriendly #lunges #stepups #glutes #thighs #quads #gluteusmaximus #exercise #fitness #workout #glutebridges

I’ve shared with you how to build a better butt while losing weight but for some of you, you want to focus strictly on building a better booty.  I realize some of you do not have gym memberships or a lot of exercise equipment, so this workout routine is for YOU!

There is a false notion that the only way to exercise and get in shape is in a formal gym environment and nothing could be further from the truth.

As long as you have some resistance tools such as hand weights or resistance bands and enough space to “lay down” you have a gym where you stand.

So let’s get started.

Build a better booty without squats #booty #glutes #stretch #butt #buttworkout #lowerbodyworkout

Let me explain a few things about this booty exercise routine.  It focuses a lot of muscle isolation.

As previously mentioned in my earlier butt article, which you can find HERE, your glutes are made up of 3 key muscles, gluteus maximum, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.

This routine aims at targeting all of these for maximum growth.

The great thing about this is booty workout routine, it requires NO squats and minimal equipment except your body.  You actually burn more calories when performing body weight exercises which is another WIN because who doesn’t want to burn optimal fat?

Here’s the workout routine.

Disclaimer:  Participate at your own risk.  Before starting any new workout routine, always consult your physician first.  Warm up for 5 minutes and then stretch to avoid injury.

No Squats Booty Builder Workout

If you want to build your booty but have limited mobility or can't perform squats then try this No Squats Booty Builder Workout for women to get your buns nice, round and tight. #hipdips  #bigbooty #bubblebutt #bootyday #bootyworkout #buildabooty #bootyworkouts #bootygains #upperbooty


Build A Better Booty Workout Without Squats #bigbooty #bubblebutt #bootyday #bootyworkout #buildabooty #bootyworkouts #bootygains #upperbooty

Here are demonstrations of each of the booty moves.

How To Build A Better Booty Without Squats or Equipment Build A Better Booty Workout Without Squats #bigbooty #bubblebutt #bootyday #bootyworkout #buildabooty #bootyworkouts #bootygains #upperbooty

What’s your favorite exercise to work your glutes?


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