Bootcamp Season #2 Sessions 8&9


What I gained in those 2 days off this week I expended in energy at boot camp on Wednesday and Thursday!  Those two days were no joke.  But I was determined. I went to bed late but was determined to get at least 6 hours of sleep.  Did not happen.   I got up anyway.  My regular partner in crime stayed in bed and skipped this session.  We started off yesterday warming up with 200 jumping jacks and then did the 1 minute drill where we run between 2 lines and try to go back and forth 15 times before the clock strikes 1 minute.  I was 13 laps last week and yesterday I was 14.25 laps.  Progress but still no CIGAR.  🙁

We then went through our series of jump ropes, ab work, and agility training OUCH!  Then I got to run out of there and head on to work for a full day of soreness.  It was a good sore and the trainer said he can tell that my stomach is going down.  Thanks to Essence of Vitality (EOV) for that.  I do feel a difference.  I am feeling stronger.


Got up bright-eyed and bushy tailed this morning and was feeling good.  Headed on out to boot camp EARLY and actually had about an extra 5 minutes to stretch and lollygag.  We warmed up with a series of drills to stretch the groin, skipping, jogging and ultimately sprinting to get the blood going and flowing.  Then we picked up the hand weights and went to town with bicep curls, shoulder presses, tricep work and hammer curls.  It was serious business.  And then we did something different today – incorporated weights in our ab work.  Standing oblique crunches to lying crunches holding hand weights.  YIKES….that was different and I am feeling it now almost 14 hours later.

It was good though.  The body needs to get shocked.  Then we did a sprint drill where you have to come in under 30 seconds.  I still am hanging right at 31 seconds.  But that wasn’t the worse of it.  One of the last exercises we did, which falls in line with one of the FFFC member’s 100 squats a day challenge was side shuffling weighted squats the length of the GYM!  You heard the song “This girl is on fire”?  Well replace girl with QUADS and that is how my legs feel – ON FIYAH!  I am determined to break that THIS session.

But lucky for me and others,  SOF decided to offer another boot camp session between November and December!

Hot dog – I plan to sign up.  Yes I am a glutton for punishment!  When you see results you get addicted I swear.  It is a good drug though.

They are also holding a FREE boot camp session on Monday, 11/12/2012 both sessions so check them out, sign up and come out!  Click HERE for more information.

God bless!

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