Bootcamp Season #2 Session 4&5

Much like the hurricane – this week is a BLUR with stiff bodies left in its wake.  I did not attend the MOnday morning session even though they still held it at 5:30 am because I just did not want to risk it.  I felt I could work out at home – which I did not.  Tuesday I ran for 35 minutes with sprint drills and did 100 squats due to an online squat challenge I am actively participating in.

Wednesday was the moment of truth at SOF Bootcamp.  Monte told us the previous Thursday that if we fail to stay current with the online workouts when we are not scheduled for a bootcamp session, come this week we will regret it.  Soooo what do I do?  Have a nice glass of white wine with my girlfriend around 9 pm to chill me out.  Yessss I needed it especially being housed up with 2 children for 2 days straight.  EEK!

Got up for bootcamp Wednesday, got in there and here we go with the 1 mile warm up.  Ok no problem got that in in 9 minutes 30 seconds.  Then he really started to go off with all of these run drills, sprint drills and everything in between.  We had so much ab and jump rope work it was insane!  You heard of the Insanity workouts?  This was like DELIRIOUS!  At least that is how I was feeling.  Straight up wacked out because I just wanted to quit.  But I struggled through it.  DARN WINE!  At the end Monte normally gives us a pep talk and one of the things he highlighted is that we need to flush out our system with a colonic or detox, we need to eat the right foods (no wine) and we need to get more rest.  Like go to bed at 9 am in order to get up for the 5:30 am session.  Now I knew that was just not gonna happen – didn’t he realize today was Halloween?

We leave bootcamp at 6:30 am and it is still pitch black.  I was so tired I accidentally told someone good night!  Then realized – I still had the rest of my day ahead of me.  I made it through the rest of the day with no problem but boy it was a mental battle to get through everything.

My detox came in the mail (more blogs on that) earlier on Wednesday so I decide to take the initial 4 oz at night so when I wake up bright and early on Thursday I will flush and then head on out to bootcamp.  Well that darn alarm clock did not go off but I jump up at 5:15 am!  Only 15 minutes left so I rush to brush my teeth, use the restroom, change clothes, run downstairs, text my friend who already texted me asking where I was and throwing on my shoes.  Thank goodness she agreed to drive so she swung by and picked me up and I am feeling and looking like a WRECK!  We were about 7 minutes late and missed the 7 laps around the gym.  Oh well I can do that at home I figured.

Amazingly enough, today was weight work and that normally makes me very happy working biceps, triceps, shoulders, etc.  We did a bunch of push up and squat drills (150 of each to be exact) plus 500 jumping jacks.  I had to sit out 1 set of 100 because errr ummm uhhhh I was still eliminating from the detox I took the night before!

At the end of the session I was feeling good and ready to jump-start my day.  It was just what I needed.  Talking with others in the bootcamp today was a hard day for them.  It is amazing how you go through cycles.

Here is me and my detox last night (Essence of Vitality) by Chef Ahki.  Get yours at  Do not miss out.  You will not regret it.  Ok ya’ll, peace out, please share in the comment section how your workouts are going this week and if you are detoxing.

God bless!

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