Bootcamp Season #2 Session 2

I showed back up for day 2 of bootcamp today.  It was a bit rough for me.  For one I got out of bed around 5:10 am.  Bootcamp starts at 5:30 am SHARP and I am 10 minutes away.  I did not get a full night’s sleep because every now and again I get stomach pains which wake me up in the middle of the night and make it difficult to return back to sleep.

Plus my son was coughing somewhat throughout the night so that also makes for light to no sleeping.  The alarm clock goes off and it is time to get up – ARRRGHHH!  I drag myself out of bed and put on my clothes.  I realize I am running late (which I have never done before) and I check my phone to see if my neighbor and fitness buddy has text me because we ride together.  I see she has already checked in on me and when she doesn’t hear from me at 5:03 am (remember I was dragging myself out of bed) – she jets.

By the time I text her back she is getting gas and on her way down to the athletic hall.  I arrive, stomach still in knots and I see they have already started the morning run warm up.  I swear when we show up it is almost guaranteed you are going to run at least 5 laps around that gym.  But hey we should be used to it by now right?

So I make it through warm up and now have to survive 500 jumping jacks.  Remember I am not feeling my best and am moving on very little sleep.  I am dying!  Over jumping jacks but I continue.  We then hit the floor for ab work and I don’t mean just 20 reps here and there.  I am talking anywhere between 25 and 50 reps depending on the exercise.  I went to the gym to work with my trainer yesterday so my abs are still SORE from that and bootcamp on Monday.  OUCH!

He takes us through a circuit of cardio routines such as squat shuffles, side shuffles, sprints, and jogs.  We end with ab work and jump rope sets and then he says the magic words…..”BRING IT IN”.  No sweeter words are uttered in that session than those words.  That means we are done and he has finished pushing us to push ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong – I like it….rather the results but during …it is a killer.  I also felt better from when I arrived.  I also saw another FFFC member there and reminded her about the DRINK GREEN challenge which she is happily partaking in!  I am so happy and proud!

Stay real folks and KEEP IT MOVING ~ literally.


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