Bootcamp Day 3 – 1st week down!

I actually showed back up on day 3!  Can you believe it?  Day 1 surprised my body.  At least I had a day’s rest before going back for Day 2.  The problem is – Day 2 and Day 3 are back to back NO day in between!  I knew I was going to feel it.

Got there at before dawn in the morning today and felt aight.  I mean I am getting into this new routine.  I park my car and right before I jump out I realize I left my mat!   The past two sessions have taught me I need that mat for the floor exercise work.  I also left my hand weights in the car too because well – THEY ARE HEAVY and I was tired of lugging them inside to not be used and then have to lug them BACK to the car.

Oh well too late now to go back and get the mat.  Gotta make do with the 2 towels I brought.  Soon as I arrive inside that HOT gym they are already telling us to drop to the ground and start the floor exercises.  I ain’t no punk and I think I actually performed pretty well.  I mean I was impressed!

Then the trainer announced we need our hand weights!  Sigh…..I have to go back out to the car and drag out those hand weights?  Yeah I leave them in the car now because if I don’t use them for bootcamp then at least I can use it to bop a would-be car jacker over the head.  Don’t try me!  🙂

We went through a steady series of weight lifting exercises.  So many it is all a blur but I do know one thing?  That hour FLEW by and before I knew it the torture was over!  I mean I looked up and it was daylight outside….my body was a puddle of sweat down to drips out of my pineapple pony tail and all I could do was pray for THANKS!  I made it through one more session of bootcamp!!!!  Hallelujah!

As I share this experience with you all – I am sore.  Very sore…..core, legs, arms…..just SORE!  I work out with a trainer….I have been doing it for a minute but there is nothing like challenging your true metal to see what you are made of.  To see what you can handle and to constantly challenge yourself with something unfamiliar.

If you continue to do the same thing over and over you stop growing.  It can be scary but your body will surprise you.  Don’t limit yourself.  That is what this experience is showing me.

P.S.  There were some strong-looking women in our group today.  I guess they are used to a lot of grunting and noise.  They complained we were too quiet.  At 5:30 am in the morning….I really don’t have much to say.  LOL!!

P.P.S.  I am participating in the Sanders Optimum Fitness abs bootcamp.  I’m really enjoying it so far.

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