Big Butts Are Healthy?


Buttocks, butt, hams, booty, derriere, gadunkgadunk, trunk are just a FEW of the names given to the backside.  Many men have their favorite body part which includes a large posterior.  I can dig it – I am one of those women who is blessed with wide hips and a little junk in my trunk.  But after reading the following article HERE I really think it goes TOO far to attribute a body type and attribute to good health and *GULP* intelligence.

This article goes into stating women with big butts and thick thighs (thiya as they say in the Dirty South) are healthier because they tend to have lower cholesterol and metabolize sugar better than their smaller posterior counterparts.  Now I knew big butts meant a lot of things but making this type of claim is STRETCHING IT!

Overall cholesterol can be attributed to genetics as well as what you eat.  Eat a lot of bad fats and processed foods, you risk having high cholesterol (regardless of your booty size).  This article THEN decides it wants to go further by stating women with bigger butts and hips are also SMARTER than smaller butt women.  Says who?  I think these claims are ridiculous and really unfounded.  This study occurred in 2010 and included a sample size of 16,000 women.  Now, we don’t know the demographic make up of those women, their backgrounds, socio-economic status or health habits to even determine whether this “study” was VALID.

Trust me – if you work on those squats and get LOW and lunges and lunge for 50 paces you TOO can have a nice, firm, strong derriere.  Hit those inclines on a regular and your significant other will be able to bounce a quarter off of your hind parts.  Let’s not fall so quickly for these outrageous claims because in the end YOU determine your good health (along with family traits and genetics) so do your best to do what you know you should do to maintain low cholesterol, eat less sugar and STUDY HARD so you are as intelligent as your good earnest effort can produce.  NUFF SAID!

I call foul on this claim.

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3 Replies to "Big Butts Are Healthy?"

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    Chaka/SistaVoyage ( November 7, 2013 (7:53 pm)

    Diatta, girl, I didn’t think you knew about the term ‘thiya!’ I haven’t heard it since the So So Def days. There was a song called ‘she got that thiya!’ Ha ha, I used to dance to that so much. Anywho, I remember being in high school and my butt was so round and firm. I knew nothing about squats but every night I would dance to my favorite videos and songs.

    As for that article’s claims…no.

    • comment-avatar
      DSTPRL November 7, 2013 (7:54 pm)

      Oh don’t forget I graduated from H.S. in Atlanta, GA (Decatur to be exact) and I went to college in Florida. I know about the BOTTOM and the So So Def song “She Got That Thiya”. LOL

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