Battle of the Fitbit

Let’s get ready to rumble!! It’s time for some action. I am extremely excited to share that I am a participating blogger in a Fitbit competition to see which team, East Coast or West Coast, can log the most steps and distance in four weeks. We haven’t had this type of fierce competition since Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier but right here, right now it is ON.

Here’s how it works. The competition lasts from November 17 – December 17 and at the beginning of each week (#MotivationalMondays) we are given a new challenge to help us get those steps in.

This is a spectator competition and you can watch all of the action by simply logging into the Shape and/or Men’s Fitness magazines sites hosting the leaderboards which share real-time results of all twenty participating bloggers.

At the end of these 4 weeks the team who collects the most steps and distance gets all the bragging rights and finally settles the score between the East Coast vs. West Coast.

I’ll be sharing photos throughout this competition on Instagram and Twitter so make sure you start following me so you can check it out. If you would like to see how my team “East Coast is the Beast Coast” is doing simply key in hashtag #FindYourFit on Twitter or Instagram and POOF our photos will appear.

All twenty of us are logging our steps with the new Fitbit Charge. This is my first time owning a Fitnit and I am loving it so far. This tracker not only tracks steps, it tracks:

• distance,

• stair climbing,

• sleep patterns,

• time and date,

• calories burned and even has

• caller ID.

Imagine how thrilled I was to have my wrist buzz and see a caller’s name race across the mini screen? I couldn’t even find my phone but I knew who was calling simply by looking at my wrist. Too funny.

Do you want to win a Fitbit Charge for yourself?  Simply go to the leaderboards by visiting or and submit an entry. Keep coming back and entering because each week throughout this challenge a new winner will be selected.

Blogger Challenge #1: Take your workout outdoors this week and go on a hike or trail run.   Soak in the views as you inch closer to the 10K/day goal!

FindYourFit_Workout Outside

This is how I find my fit, sprinting.

Find Your Fit Sprint

Running outdoors on scenic trail routs are the best.

Who are you rooting for East Coast or West Coast?

What’s your best guess on the final total # of steps for each team?

This post is sponsored by the Shape/Men’s Fitness Fitbit Charge Challenge.

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