6 Ways to Balance Work 👷‍♀️, Social Life 🍷, and Fitness 🏋️‍♀️

In this modern century when we are overwhelmed with hi-tech gadgets in our work, it is difficult to balance work, private life, and fitness. The main focus, however, should be on your family and trying to be with your loved ones after work as much as possible.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to neglect your health and social life. Drinking beer with friends can boost your mood, going to the gym can give you energy and stamina needed to survive the following working day.

Everything is possible when you set your mind to it and organize diligently. And here is how to do it.

Schedule your free time

When it comes to work, first things first, once you leave your office behind, so leave the workload. If you take some of the papers with you at home, be aware that you won’t have any free time, and then forget spending any quality time with friends and family.

Schedule your time neatly so that you can do it all. After all, a day lasts 24 hours, and a lot could be done. Do the things that you have neglected first.

Go bowling, invite neighbors over for a movie night, go for a quick jog, or simply read a good book that you have longed to read. Make a list of things you wish to do, and start checking them off slowly.

 Delegate your responsibilities

If you always feel that you simply donโ€™t have enough time for everything, then just sit down and think what are the things that could be avoided. Delegating responsibilities is an effective way to balance work, social life and still find some time to do your regular workout.

Have your kids do the dishes after their meal, clean after themselves, instead of you doing that. Moreover, you can do all the house chores together in the afternoon, and then you would have at least an hour or two to go to the gym, and afterward watch your favorite show.

For some garden or outdoor maintenance, you can hire a professional to finish all off those things, in that time you can go for a cup of coffee and catch up friends.

Get quality nutrition

If you strive to get everything done in time when it comes to work and still have time left to go to the gym and spend time with your family, you need to intake proper foods. We need food not only as a surviving biological factor, but food gives us energy and stamina.

The point is not to eat too sugary or salty food, to avoid unhealthy snacks and eat healthy fats and proteins. If your family doesn’t want to follow your healthy regime, you can prepare the food yourself and take it with you.

A great idea would be, for example, to use juicers to make an energy-boosting smoothie in the morning that will give you enough toughness and vitality to make it through a hard-working day.

And when you make this your habit, you would also lose weight.

Soothe your desires

From time to time, you will simply need to get away from the daily hustle and bustle, and just be alone. In order to avoid a mental breakdown of sorts, you need to make a steadier balance.

Do the things you like and desire, and indulge your body, mind, and soul into doing the things that make you happy. Go to a concert of your favorite band, try bungee jumping, listen to some smooth jazz, and simply unwind.

You will finish everything after you had set your mind at ease. What is more, when it comes to the fitness part of the day, you can do a core blast home workout one day, and then the other day do Pilates, and so on.

Set clear goals

A lot of things can be done much easier when you have a clear goal in mind. Don’t try to push your limits in on them, because that would only create a negative effect. Rather balance things smoothly.

Leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for fitness. On Monday you could visit a long-awaited friend, whereas on Wednesday and Friday you could fulfill your social desires by visiting museums, watching a new play, or going shopping. In the end, spend Sunday relaxing and not doing anything. And stick to those goals.

It will be easier when you have things to do, and you will certainly be able to balance everything.

Exercise early

Working out, or plainly said “me time”, is immensely important in attaining life’s balance. When we have a family to look after, the time we set for the workout is seen as selfish sometimes.

But there is a solution to that, and that is: do your exercise early in the morning. Wake up at 5 in the morning, do some basic stretching, maybe go out for a run, or do standard exercises.

You will feel ready to take up any obstacles that lie in front of you that day, and definitely, feel refreshed and ready to balance everything in front of you.

The key is to squeeze in the things that you love no matter how important are some other duties. No matter what profession you work in, a healthy life balance is a must.


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