6 Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

Here are some solid post-pregnancy weight loss tips you can follow to help you lose baby fat after giving birth to a baby whether you are on baby number 1 or baby number 2.

First and foremost congratulations on your new bundle of joy.  Weeks following giving birth is filled with excitement, relief, short days, long nights, baby feedings and absolute joy.  Much of that is due to your life changing forever for the good and some of that is fluctuating hormones that occur postpartum and can impact emotions.

Once you receive clearance from your obstetrician that you can exercise again, here are some tried and true post-pregnancy weight loss tips to help you return to the body and weight you had before getting pregnant or more.

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What Caused The Weight Gain?

Before we discuss tips on how to lose the weight, how did you pack on the weight to begin with?  Once a woman gets pregnant, women who are at a “normal” weight typically gain between 20 to 40 pounds.  That extra weight is due to the following:

  • Increased blood flowing in the body
  • Increased fluid like amniotic fluid
  • A growing baby
  • Extra fat stores to help support healthy growth of the baby

So while your appetite may have increased while pregnant and you ate more because you were “eating for two” that’s not the entire story when determining the cause of the weight gain.

After giving birth, one typically sees an immediate weight loss but sometimes the weight can linger around especially if you had a procedure such as a C-section and can’t be as active while healing.

Regardless, the extra weight doesn’t have to be your fate.  Here are some solid tips to get your body and weight whipped back.


Breastfeeding is not only good for the baby but good for you.  It burns a lot of calories daily and while you do have to eat more food to maintain your breastmilk levels, it burns right off when the baby feeds.

It’s how I snapped my weight and body back after having both of my children.  I ended up smaller than before I got pregnant.

Rest Up

Easy to say when one doesn’t have an infant but it is imperative you sleep and rest when the baby sleeps and rest.  The laundry can wait.  You need the energy as well as it helps decrease stress and cortisol levels which causes weight gain.

Be Patient

You have been making and carrying a new human for 9 months and you didn’t gain all the weight overnight so it will take time to lose but patience is a virtue and with consistency and patience, you can and will lose the excess postpartum weight.

Eat More Whole Foods

Not only do you need to eat a variety of whole foods to maintain breastfeeding but it helps provide the body with energy and is typically low calorie.

Start Resistance Training

When our bodies carry around more toned muscles, our bodies burn more calories because it stimulates the metabolism more at rest.  Resistance training is a great way for new moms to tone their muscles and slim down.

Here is my 5-Day New Mom Workout Plan that can get you started.

The bodyweight scale may not move initially but your clothes may start fitting looser because muscle is more dense than fat.

Stay Hydrated

I can’t say this enough.  Hydration also supports breastfeeding, allows your body to function well and keeps your mind alert.  It’s also a zero-calorie way to stay hydrated which can help with effective weight loss.

Follow these tried and true tips consistently to lose the postpartum weight and you will be back in your pre-pregnancy clothes and weight in no time.

Which of these tips do you plan to do to lose the baby weight?

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