Workouts and Hair

I know many women get their hair professionally styled on a regular basis which typically costs a GRIP!  No one wants to sweat out that costly hairstyle with a high intensity workout so we have a conundrum…..the workout or the hair.  Lots of times the hair wins!


I do not get my hair professionally done on a regular basis outside of a professional trim or color but I still know how it feels!  Because of hair many women are willing to let their good health fall to the wayside to ensure they still look “fly”.


But when you really think about it how fly are you if you do not feel fly because you are not happy with your body, yourself?  It can and IS a struggle for many.  Some ladies I know gave in to the workout and have come up with some alternative options for their hair.  Yeah – it may not be as “tight” as when the professionals do it, but it is still attractive and they feel attractive because they are getting in the workouts as well and are watching their bodies change and improve.


One of my friends who gets her hair professionally done has a standing appointment on Thursdays and she goes to Sunday with no workouts.  She then works out Monday – Thursday morning and keep her hair in a pony tail with a scarf to tie down the edges until it dries and she removes the scarf and then goes on with her day.  That was her compromise.


What do I do?  Well I do 2 main things:


  1. Wear      it in a high pony tail pineapple during workouts
  2. Rinse      it with water and conditioner and wear it out to go to work or hang out on      the weekends.


Here is a photo…please disregard the grays…they are just taking over!


How do you choose to wear your hair during and after workouts?

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    DAISYLAND June 8, 2012 (4:45 pm)

    It’s interesting because I like wearing my hair when I do Zumba or any type of dance, but I wear my hair up if I am using any machine or doing cardio. : )

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      DSTPRL June 9, 2012 (2:45 pm)

      You know Zumba seems like the type of activity that would be fun to do with the hair out!! When I am lifting weights I can’t have hair on my neck or face.

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