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OMG! Workout

See what had happened was.....I woke up tired and lacked motivation - but when in anyways to get this thing out the way.  Left feeling on FIRE with loads of energy!  The saying is true - you never regret completing your workout! Equipment needed:  Decline bench Dumbbells Barbell Print this workout here:  OMG! Workout Exercise Re...

Workouts and Hair

I know many women get their hair professionally styled on a regular basis which typically costs a GRIP!  No one wants to sweat out that costly hairstyle with a high intensity workout so we have a conundrum.....the workout or the hair.  Lots of times the hair wins!   I do not get my hair professionally done on a regular basis outside of a ...

Work That – Mary J. Blige Video

So appropriate for all you ladies needing a little encouragement.  You are perfect the way you are!