Working Out Pays Off


If you have been following this blog you know that I have been attending boot camp faithfully daily and on a regular basis since October 2012.  You also am up to date that I do Essence of Vitality on a regular basis and am about to start on my 4th bottle.  It gives me energy, mental clarity and helps clean out the gut where diseases form.  You are also aware FFFC has claimed January running month so we are posting more articles focused around running.  Lastly, on of our fitness idols is Jillian Michaels and she has returned in a big way on one of America’s most popular and inspiring show by NBC, The Biggest Loser (don’t forget we here at FFFC would LOVE to work out with Jillian just once or have some of our members featured on The Biggest Loser *hint hint*).

Anywho, what all of this hard word does it prepare your body for those days and times when you are off of your schedule but need energy, power and strength to last through unscheduled circumstances.  This weekend my beloved sorority is celebrating 100 years of existence.  Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. blessed my life when I crossed those burning sands in April 1994 at Decatur Alumnae by one of our sorority’s founders granddaughters.  Did you catch that?  The granddaughter of our illustrious twenty-two made ME!

I made impromptu plans to travel down to DC from the Baltimore metropolitan area (about 1 hour north).  We travelled out around 9:30 pm last night and I did not make it back in the house until 5:00 am!!!!  I have not hung out like that since well…..COLLEGE!  We drove down, walked blocks in DC, stood on hills, crouched down in squat positions to take 1000 pictures at the historic statue Fortitude on the campus of Howard University and even had to jog a little to catch up with folks.  I was not worn down or wore out.  I was able to hang.  Not saying I did not have bouts of sleepiness when the activity slowed down but I was physically able to HANG with everyone and everything we did.


Fitness is awesome and necessary and will allow you and your body to do things during those times you are off of your sleep, eat and workout schedule.  Don’t underestimate a healthy body!!!!  I sure don’t.  And I shout out my SORORS of the illustrious sorority Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated!!  I plan to get back in the fold and spread the word of good health, mental peace and sound soul and body!

I love my D-S, I love my D-S, I love my D-S-T I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE IT!!!!  #DST100, #RedAlert.

On the yard!

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