Weight Loss Tips For My Personal Training Clients

These are the weight loss tips I share with my personal training and health coaching clients to help them achieve their goals.


Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Trainerize but all opinions, recommendations and suggestion are genuinely my own.

Keep reading to find out the effective weight loss tips I share with my clients.  First and foremost I am so elated that my in-person and online virtual personal training business has taken off.

I am fortunate to have some hard working and committed clients both in person and virtual.  But with anything there is always room for improvement so here are some tips I want to provide to my personal training clients so help them smash their short and long term weight loss goals.

Make your mind up

This might sound like a strange tip because if a person has reached out to me to train them I should assume they have made their mind up to get healthy and fit.  That isn’t always the case.

They THINK they are ready for what is about to happen but can allow life, interruptions and distractions still get in the way which renders our training plan useless because they aren’t following it.

Make your mind up that this is what you want and I’ll do my part to check in with you at least weekly to make sure you are doing what has been planned for you.  If your mind isn’t made up, there’s no amount of checking in that will make you do what you need to do when we are not together.

Check in with your workouts

I use this awesome app called Trainerize which allows me to manage all of my personal training clients.  One of the great features it has is it allows my clients to check in with their workouts.

I then receive a daily notification and summary of who checked in and who missed their workout.  This then prompts me to reach out to the client.

If you go radio silent and don’t respond ever, even if you are completing the workouts it is challenging for me to determine whether to progress your workouts because I don’t know you’re doing them.


Follow the workout training plan

Every Sunday I sit down and review my clients’ training plans and make modifications to them as well as further build them out for the remaining duration.  I also take client feedback and progress a workout or regress it depending on what’s going on.

What I love so much about the Trainerize app (which is FREE for my clients by the way) is that it allows me to set up workouts as regular, circuits, or intervals.

It also allows me to insert instructions, the number of sets, the weights to use, the reps and the exercise complete with video demonstrations.

Due to popular demand from my clients, I now uploaded a full library of exercises demonstrated by ME so when you don’t know how to perform an exercise all you have to do is click on the video.  It’s really cool!



Follow the meal plan and log your meals

Another reason why I chose to use Trainerize for training my clients is it integrates with a lot of other complimentary apps including My Fitness Pal (MFP) and Evolution Nutrition.  My Fitness Pal is an excellent and FREE app I recommend to all of my clients to log their meals daily especially if you are focused on losing weight.

It helps to identify your daily caloric and macro needs based on some quick information you enter when setting up your profile in the app.  It syncs with Trainerize and shows me, the personal trainer, how many calories you consumed by day.

Since I know the target calories and macros are established per client, it lets me know whether my clients are on track with their eating or not.  It helps keep people accountable because they know I am going to see what they ate and ask if it appears to not be consistent with the plan.

I recently signed up with Evolution Nutrition to facilitate creating customized meal plans for those clients who want to add it on to their personal training service for an additional fee.  It integrates easily with Trainerize and allows me to establish a weekly meal plan for all of my synced up clients.

They also offer recipes and grocery shopping lists!  I love that they work seamlessly with Trainerize.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

I want my clients to interact with me as frequently as they feel comfortable doing so.  I want to know how you are feeling, what’s going good, what stress you may be enduring, etc. so I know how to modify the workout and/or meal plan set for that week or month.

It isn’t a one and done.

Life is fluid and sometimes the best laid plans go astray so I want to hear from my clients when something needs to be changed.  That is how we can have continued success together.  Trainerize allows my clients to reach out to me any time of day.  I get the notification in my inbox and can easily log onto Trainerize from my laptop or phone to respond.

It is AWESOME because I never miss a message and can respond in a timely fashion.

I hope my clients read this because I want to make sure they are successful with their weight loss and fitness journey and the Trainerize app is what has helped all of us stay connected and on the same page.  The workout plans are easy to access (for my in person and virtual clients) and now easy to follow with the video demonstrations.

My clients love the Trainerize app.

I am always open to accepting new virtual clients so if you are interested in working together to get you in the best shape of your life head HERE to read about my services and to sign up.  To all of my existing clients – GREAT JOB!  To all of my future ones – what are you waiting for?

Sign up today!

For personal trainers who are reading this and want to learn more about Trainerize head on over to their website at http://trainerize.com and if you sign up, you get the first month FREE!

Have you ever worked with a personal trainer (virtually or in person)?

If so, what did you like most about it?

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