Two Can Play This Game

Submitted by: Ramona

First week of training is in the books!  I was on vacation in Memphis, Tennessee and it was around 105-110 degrees everyday and in the 90s at night! I had every reason to believe that no running was going down for me…but the first morning I was there I woke up with no alarm clock and had running on my brain! I sat on my Mom’s balcony and tried to convince myself not to do it. It’s too late in the morning, I’m going to get too hot, I forgot my sun visor, blah blah blah. Then I just told myself to QUIT IT and got off my butt.

The Mighty Mississippi River…my first running partner while in Memphis.

It was a HOT and sweaty run but I did it at a nice, slow pace along the Mississippi River where there was a little shade so my Mom wouldn’t have to send the paramedics. 🙂 All while I was running, I said to myself either I was getting up with the chickens on Saturday for my long run or I wasn’t doing it at all. It was just tooooo hot! Saturday rolled around and I linked up with Black Girls Run! Memphis at a very nice family friendly park for the long run but that wasn’t the best part! The best part was…my very best friend joined me!!! She is not a runner but wants to become more healthy.

My best friend…my other running partner!

I have been trying as best I can to encourage others to get moving just as I have been encouraged by the ladies of Femme Fitale to GO HARDER with my workouts. For some of us this has become quite natural but for others just getting started is almost an anxiety attack in the making!  Having my best friend lace up early on a Saturday morning to hit the pavement with me and a group of women we didn’t even know MEANT THE WORLD TO ME! Each one reach one. Folks if you have a handle on it, please encourage someone else to take control of their journey into wellness. The world will be a better place for it! 😉

In the words of one of my favorite old school rap groups….Whodini…”Friends, How many of us have them? Friends, Ones we can depend on? Friends, How many of us have them? Friends, Before we go any further…Let’s Be Friends”!  Caring about one another’s health is a true sign of friendship!

Ramona is a wife, mother and fitness fan!  A dedicated fitness buff, Ramona is committed to staying in shape using a variety of methods and constantly challenging herself.  Her next race is the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Half Marathon.  Her previous race was in New Orleans Rock & Roll Half Marathon back in March 2012.  Good luck on your race Ramona – Femme Fitale is rooting for you!!

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