Top Health Benefits of Collagen Protein

In recent years, collagen supplements have been consumed more.  Learn and begin to understand how collagen protein behaves inside the body.

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Our bodies use protein like amino acids to build muscle, bone, cartilage, skin, hair and connective tissue.  Collagen protein is comprised of amino acids and without it or when it’s production declines as you age, you may start noticing the following:

  • Dry and paper-thin skin
  • Brittle nails and white lines
  • Weak muscles
  • Fragile bones

Studies show that balanced collagen protein is significant because it helps keep the body in shape, increase strength, improve flexibility and maintains a healthy heart.

What is Collagen?

This is a glue-like substance which is produced in our body. Collagen protein is different from casein and whey because of its high levels of amino acids.  30% of our body consists of collagen which supports and maintains our cells.

Collagen is the most essential protein which play a key role in forming connective tissues and healthy skin. 

Pro tip: To improve the absorption of collagen, consume with vitamin C.

Once you begin consuming collage protein regularly, here are some health benefits you may begin to notice:

1. Better Skin Elasticity

It’s time to experience some magical anti-aging properties for your skin and health. When the skin is highly exposed to sun rays, one may begin to notice dark black patches and wrinkles.

In one study, women between the ages of 35 to 55 who start taking collagen protein showed a noticeable improvement in their skin elasticity. 

If a collagen supplement is consumed regularly, within eight weeks one might begin noticing better hydration in the skin as well as moisture. 

2. Improve Sleep 

woman sleeping

Collagen is rich in protein called glycine which helps one sleep better. We all know that 7-8 hours sleep is must to overcome fatigue and feel relaxed. But several of us may have problems falling asleep due to stress, body pain or restlessness.  

It’s recommended to take 3 grams of glycine before going to bed as this will help you fall asleep quicker.   Over time one may begin to observe the quality of sleep is improved and is better rested and have more energy throughout the day.

3. Control Heart Disease

High cholesterol can lead to heart disease and possibly a heart attack.  If a person checks their cholesterol levels regularly  and actively manages it through lifestyle change, it can greatly reduce the chances of heart disease.

Taking collagen twice a day, regularly for six months, can possibly reduce the plaque build up in arteries and decrease the chances of heart attacks by as much as 80%.   

4. Decrease Joint Pain

There can be many reasons behind joint pain.

Some people experience joint pain due to a change in weather, constantly sitting at a desk in an office environment, carrying excess body weight which puts pressure on the joints or due to past injury.  Collage protein can provide natural relief to this joint pain.

Take a collagen supplement for 24 weeks and joint pain levels will greatly decrease improving mobility.  

Top Health Benefits of Collagen Protein #collagenprotein #proteinpowder #tautskin #beautyproduct #tightskin #nowrinkles #strongnails

5. Goodbye to Brittle & Broken Nails

It can be annoying to constantly chip a nail due to brittle nails.  This issue can be resolved, with you guessed it, collagen protein.

To improve the strength your nails, start taking 2.5 grams of collagen daily for a few weeks.  You will see a drastic change in your nail growth and strength.

Do you take collagen protein?  What benefits have you noticed?

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