Time for a Rock & Roll Encore

Submitted by: Ramona

I’m doing it again! That’s right…training for another half marathon! The timing is right, too. My weight loss efforts have been at a standstill for about 2 months and I’ve even gained weight! Boooo!!! So I’m hoping the extra miles I’ll be getting in weekly will turn things around. I have a goal to lose 20 lbs. At first I wanted to do it by the first of August but I just lost the whole month of June without seeing any difference so it’s safe to say I need to make some adjustments with the time specific piece of my goal. My half will be in September so now I’m hoping to be a lot leaner by then. It’s actually 2 months away!!!  So September 2nd…leaner, stronger and ready for the 13.1 with a better time than the first one(2:48). I can do it!

I officially kicked off my first week of training on Sunday by warming up the legs with an 11 mile bike ride with friends. It was great! Fast forward to today and my first run…just 3 miles…should be easy, right? Well my good friend & fearless Femme Fitale(FF) leader…the one & only D.rill S.ergeant Harris gave our group the awesome challenge of eating two salads a day this week. I partook along with trying to down as much water as possible throughout the day as well. Folks…if you didn’t know…leafy green salad is NOT what you want to indulge in before a cardio workout! 15 minutes into my run intervals and I could feel the internal cleansing happening! Had to cut my run short…20 minutes and I was OUT…heading home! 🙁 I’m committed to my training though so I got on the treadmill at home to finish my miles. 🙂

Only me! LoL If this is the worst that can happen though…13.1…leaner, stronger & faster…Bring It! This FF is ready for you! Boom!!!

Ramona and fellow Femme Fitale Zina

Ramona is a wife, mother and fitness fan!  A dedicated fitness buff, Ramona is committed to staying in shape using a variety of methods and constantly challenging herself.  Her next race is the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Half Marathon.  Her previous race was in New Orleans Rock & Roll Half Marathon back in March 2012.  Good luck on your race Ramona – Femme Fitale is rooting for you!!

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    mattharkins July 7, 2012 (6:08 am)

    Nice Blog, very interesting. Thanks for sharing………..Matt

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      DSTPRL July 7, 2012 (7:04 am)

      Thanks for visiting!

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    Brittany July 7, 2012 (7:31 pm)

    Awesome!! Good luck to Ramona! I will be running my first half that VERY SAME DAY! YAY!

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      DSTPRL July 7, 2012 (10:53 pm)

      Awesome – I will pass on the message.

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      Ramona July 13, 2012 (5:44 pm)

      Thanks Brittany! Good luck to you as well! We can do this!!! 🙂