There May Be Something To This

A few weeks ago I completed my annual physical exam and the vital counts were very impressive.  My blood pressure was 100/62 and my HDL was 146 with my LDL at a low 45 or so.  I’m in my early 40’s and do workout so the numbers were not THAT surprising but considering I had a biometric screen done this past December .. and the numbers were not as glowing I had to reflect on what I did to change the results this time.

While pondering on this thought I visited one of my favorite fitness sites and saw this post and VOILA…..whoop there it is.  Most, if not everything on this list claimed to help with longevitity is consumed by me multiple times a week.

Check it out.

I do not drink alot if any cow’s milk but I do enjoy Dannon Lite and Fit cherry yogurt.

I prepare salmon for my family at least once every two weeks.

I eat at least 2 to 3 eggs a day (mix of whole and egg whites) because they keep me full until lunchtime.

Ok, everyone who knows me knows my vice – WINE…and I do probably drink more than I should per week.

I enjoy strawberries and blueberries almost daily with my eggs.

I cook with olive oil on a daily basis.  I love sauteeing green veggies in it with red onion.

I prepare mixed vegetables for my family on a daily basis.  They are typically frozen because of the convenience factor but we get in all colors of the vegetable rainbow.

Water is a staple at my desk at work.  I consume so much while at work I now have a water bottle collection on my desk.  I have got to do better by taking them downstairs for recycling.

I eat dark chocolate sparingly and have not started drinking green regularly to take advantage of its fat burning properties.

Now, I will be telling a lie if I say I eat clean 100% of the time.  I am a work in progress and am not there yet.  BUT I have made some minor adjustments as far as my diet is concerned which is what I think helped with better vital results this go-round at the doctor’s office.

1.  I cut out coca cola.  I used to drink it daily for lunch at work M-F.

2.  I stopped letting small things stress me out.  Hey, it is what it is and worrying about it won’t change anything so might as well get a good night’s sleep.

3.  I do not add salt to my food.

4.  I bring my lunch which is a home-cooked meal 4 out of 5 days on a regular basis consisting mainly of protein and veggies.

5.  I stopped indulging in my Ben and Jerry’s ice cream fixation on a 4 times a week basis and reduced it to two times in 2 weeks.  That is, I eat 1 pint of ice cream every  2 weeks.  I used to eat it nightly.

At least for me, these small changes have definitely improved my health so I can’t wait to see the readings once I better commit myself to clean eating.

What small or big changes are you making on your quest for better health?

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    healthywinegs May 14, 2012 (9:29 pm)

    I LOVE fitness magazine!! This is a great blog. Very helpful! Thanks

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    healthywinegs May 14, 2012 (9:38 pm)

    I too LOVE Ben and Jerry’s but I’ve found something amazing:
    Try this! So delicious, and only 100 calories per serving and NO fat. You won’t want to stop at 1 serving, and you can eat 1/2 a pint for what it costs you to eat 1/4 pint of Ben and Jerry’s and it’s really delicious. You will LOVE the blueberry! (hard to find, because it’s new, but worth the effort)

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      DSTPRL May 14, 2012 (10:07 pm)

      Ok I think I should try that because ice cream is my KRYPTONITE! Thanks for the recommendation.