September Fit Snack Box Unboxing

I love opening up new subscription boxes every month and sharing with you.  It’s like Christmas time every month.  And if you live around me then you know I also share what comes in the box.  Some of my co-workers and family members have started buying some awesome snacks just from initially taste testing it from the Fit Snack box.

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if you click and subscribe to this service.  All comments and opinions are very honest and very much my own.

September Fit Snack Box Unboxing

As I’ve posted in my previous unboxing posts, these boxes are a monthly subscription with enough goodies to share.  Also, Fit Snack donates a portion of their proceeds to Feeding America.  I totally love supporting companies who do that.

You can set up your subscription to receive snacks month-to-month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.  If you subscribe for 12 months you get an extra box free. With any of these subscriptions you also get a FREE gym bag with your initial order.  Who doesn’t like free?

September Fit Snack Box YouTube cover 2


Let’s start digging into this box.

If at any time you want more information about any of these snacks simply click on the photo or the name of the snack to get more details.

September Fit Snack workout routine

This month they included a full body rebel workout that looks pretty rigorous from where I sit.  EEK!

Fit Snack product information

On the opposite side Fit Snack always supplies a list of the products in the latest snack box.

Fit & Lean Protein Brownie

Fit & Lean Protein Brownie is a brownie with other 15 grams of protein and 190 calories.  Great way to stave off the hunger gremlins and the sweet tooth.


TruProtein powder

TruProteins Whey powder is an Australian grass-fed whey protein with non-GMOs, no artificial ingredients or fillers.

Wilde Bar

Wilde Bar is the first slow-baked savory bar with high protein and low sugar made with meat.  Bison and turkey are the two proteins that came in my box.  Very interesting concept.

Tosi Health Super Bites

Tosi Health Super Bites was developed from many years of research and is an excellent snack food with some of my most favorite nuts, cashews and almonds.

Ips Protein Chips

Ips Protein Chips are made with egg whites and whey protein.  Each serving has 6 grams of protein and have 1/2 the fat of the regularly fried chips.  Gluten and GMO free, they are crunchy and crispy.

Amara Sports Drink

Amara Sports Drink is a new kind of sports drink.  It’s made of 100% raw fruit, electrolytes and a 150 mg of caffeine for an added boost.  It’s the official drink of the Paleo Diet.

Trophy Nut Cashews

Trophy Nut Cashews are simple and plain flavored with a dash of sea salt.  I’ve loved cashews since the beginning of time and this brand hit is out the park.


Those are the goodies that came in the September Fit Snack Box.  Ready to get your box?  Then click  the JOIN TODAY button below and let me know what you think of it when you get it by tagging me on Instagram @FemmeFitaleFitClub as well as @FitSnack.

Which of these snacks do you want to try most?

Who would you share your treats with?

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