My Week In Review

Ten months ago we brought in the new year and now I look up and BLAM it is October and my ten-year wedding anniversary.  Hubby and I had a wonderful night on the town Friday, October 12, 2012 to celebrate ten years of marriage bliss.  I did indulge in lobster, sauteed spinach and a dessert they served us.  I always have my husband’s back and vice versa and that is what this photo represents.


My weekend workouts typically consist of an 8 o’clock gym workout before heading out to the football field for my son’s Almost PeeWee game but since we stayed out late on Friday, Saturday morning at 8 am was a blur.  Wasn’t going to happen.  I did get ready for his game and went out on the field looking like my rendition of cat woman.  Hair slicked back in a pony tail in all black with a turtleneck and yoga pants looking like I was on the prowl.  LOL.


I consider Sunday a day of rest and rarely if EVER work out on this day.  I typically use this day to go to church to praise the Lord and fold clothes.  That is my weekend – loads and loads of clothes.  So I do get some exercise in, carrying baskets of clothing up and down our stairs.   I did make a couple of meals for the week though.  Turkey chili and roasted chicken.  YUMMY!  The funny thing is – I have had hosted lunches all week so while I brought food, I never ate it.  Funny how that works out.


Yeah…Mondays are iffy for me.  It takes me a minute to get my head back in the game and get focused for the week.  Truth be told – Mondays are a great day to get a hard workout in.  If I am not signed up with a boot camp, class or personal trainer, I have to admit, it is hard to get up sometimes.  Especially since I tend to get up around 5’ish most days during the week.


I got up in time to meet my trainer at the gym.  She kicked my butt with some heavy weights on this day – seriously!  Here is the message I left the ladies in the FFFC private group on Facebook “We did the smith machine squats and lunges, then push ups on the smith machine bar and reverse pull up on the same bar.  Then we did alternate box jumps, bicep curls w/ the barbell, squats with shoulder presses, leg lifts and hip raises.  PHEW…and then we repeated it.  I am sweating out my press-n-curl!”  I do not normally wear my hair straight and once I start sweating, it won’t stay straight for long which was another reason why I prolonged working out this past weekend but it was inevitable.  Had to get back in the game and slowly but surely the press-n-curl lost against my workouts.


Now this was a new one for me.  I woke up at 5 am and went and did Insanity at my neighbor’s home.  We did DVD #2 with Shaun T and jumped around, did push ups, squats, sweated, gulped water, tricep bench presses and the gamut.  He worked us.  And that evening we went to the 6:30 pm session of the Sanders Optimum Fitness FREE bootcamp session where we sprinted, ran for 1 mile to warm up, did crunches for days, high knees for centuries and push ups for YEARS!  I mean we WORKED!  I typically do not like working out in the evening because I am tired but I found the energy to get this done.  I was also excited because along with my neighbor coming out, my longtime girlfriend Ceciley decided to join us and it was fun working out with friends.  It was our way of hanging out and to think just the week before we hung out together at the local bar on Wednesday.  This was a much healthier choice and she liked it.  Helped to kick start her workout for her 2-week trip to Dubai.


Can I tell you how happy I was I did not have to get up and work out with Heather this day?  I was sore from those 2 workouts the day before and honestly – that is what got me through Wednesday evening’s workout knowing I would not have to get up bright and early the next day to deal with Heather.  There is a GOD!  And He showed mercy on me.  I used Thursday as my physical rest day.


Back to the grind on Friday.  Woke up and went to see Heather.  I arrived early enough to get 5 minutes on the treadmill to get my blood circulating and then she started in.  We started with hamstring curls and she KNOWS that is my worst exercise and the weakest part of my body.  I guess that is why we started there.  I was sweat, growling, shouting and gasping all at the same time.  Sometimes you just have no shame at the gym.  LOL!   I posted the workout on here called “How About That”.  Try it and you will see what I mean.


Attended son’s football game.  It was picture day and his team won again.  GO RAVENS!

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