Today was the last day of boot camp for me for the March session.  It was tough I ain’t gon’ lie.  We did the dreadful squats across the gym, walking lunges with shoulder presses and then these shuffle squats!  OOOOCCHHH!

We had some awards today which I always enjoy because it is a time when the boot camp recognizes some of its clients for their hard work and effort.  They have a Humanitarian, Most Committed, Most Dedicated and MVP awards.  Guess who won the MVP award?  ME, that’s WHO!  I was so surprised – seriously I was.  I feel honored.  I try really hard and really put in the effort and it is true, you WILL see results!

Other award winners recognized were John, Candance and Vacarro!  They are all awesome!  You will read about Candance’s body transformation shortly – she lost over 20 lbs since January 2013!  She puts in WORK and continues to improve every time.  She is my sister in boot camp and I am very proud of her!  With all of that said – we put in work today.  Pyramid push ups from 1 – 20 (20 sets each set incrementing by 1 starting from 1 push up), again squats, lunges, bicep curls, hammer curls, shoulder presses and much more!  It felt good but I am definitely feeling it now.  🙂

I burned some calories though and that is what counts.  Stay healthy and share with me some of your greatest fitness achievements!

March 28 2013

This is my last boot camp session until May 2013 I think.  I need a little rest.  I will be back for their Saturday classes and the free session but until then I will be stepping it up on my own.  Pray for me!  LOL!

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