May 30-Day Cinch An Inch Fitness and Nutrition Challenge [Registration Closed]

May Cinch An Inch Fitness and Nutrition Challenge

Who’s ready to whittle their middle with our May 30-Day Cinch An Inch Fitness and Nutrition Challenge?  It starts May 16th and we are completely excited to bring this challenge to you one more time.

I will be joined by Adrienne, Nutrition Coach of Squirrel Power Nutrition to bring you yet another 30-day fitness and nutrition challenge you do NOT want to miss.

This challenge is designed to NOT ONLY help you beat belly fat but burn and lose fat as well as weight from all over.  Since you can’t spot train it makes sense we bring you a total body program so you burn excess fat, build muscle, lose excess inches as well as weight.

Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner so you don’t want to be caught short and not ready.  This fitness and nutrition challenge is unlike any others we have hosted to date.  Here are the details:

Hear all about it here.

Start Date:  May 16, 2016

Cost:  $40 (early bird first 5 registrants), $50 (individual)

Who:  Any and everyone 18+ or older who is ready to drop the excess weight and inches from their body (this challenge is open to men and women)

Here’s what you get with your registration:

  • Weekly total body workouts
  • Weekly meal plans
  • Weekly grocery shopping list
  • Coaching from your coaches Diatta (health coach) and Adrienne (nutrition coach)
  • 24/7 access to ME your health coach during the length of the challenge
  • Exclusive access to the Facebook online challenge group (this is where all materials will be shared including meal plans, workouts, and shopping lists)
  • Premium Infusion Water Bottle with Drink Tracker
  • Weekly prizes
  • The person who loses the most inches within 30 days will win $100 cash prize

Recommended equipment:

Here’s how this is going to work:

  • You register for the challenge (registration is non-refundable and all sales final) and send me a photo copy of your signed waivers (links are below)
  • If you want to qualify for the cash prize you will be required to submit a single front waist measurement photo with tape measure measurement after you register and by Day 1 (March 16, 2016) of the challenge
  • You work hard for 30 days (check in daily in the challenge group, follow the workout routines and meal plans to a T)
  • You measure out on Day 30 with a single front waist measurement photo with tape measure measurement
  • The person who loses the most inches from their waist wins
  • All decisions final and if we (the coaches) believe you cheated you will be automatically disqualified and no refunds

You really have no excuse to not sign up.  You want to drop the the weight but haven’t been successful doing it on your own, then do it with us.  We want to help you lose the excess inches and weight by showing you the healthy way to do it with proper nutrition and regular workouts so let’s do this.

Please download, sign, send the waivers, and your water bottle color (green, red, orange, or blue) to [email protected], and register and you are IN!  You will be added to the Facebook private challenge group based on the email associated with your payment.  If the invite should be sent to a different email please let me know.

Once the non-refundable registration and waivers are received you will be added to the challenge group (we will need to be Facebook friends for me to add you) where all materials for the challenge will be available.  Let’s go.

Your coaches


Diatta, Health Coach


Adrienne Nutrition Coach

Adrienne, Nutrition Coach

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