Keeping Everyone Healthy and Happy During Family Travel Excursions

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A balanced and active lifestyle should be goals for all of us who are raising a family! As mom to three children, I have learned that the combination of good food, happiness in the family and positive pursuits is essential for the well being of growing young people. My family does a good share of travelling together. I found an article on Gogobot about Fit Family Lifestyle Month, and I thought it would be fun to share with you some important ways my family tries to make our trips healthful and memorable:

1. When first planning a getaway with the children, list the kinds of activities you want to do and that interest each of your kids. Research the destination for places where families can walk outdoors and get out in nature. Look for fascinating local spots to explore. Simple activities that include good exercise are great for family time like cycling, swimming and wildlife watching. My family in a few weeks is going to Colorado to ski and get our winter fix in and then Orlando in a few weeks proceeding to the parks – tons of family fitness!

2. Remember to pack the right type of clothing for the destination and planned activities. The clothing should be comfortable and casual. Sportswear and running shoes are often perfect for outdoor fun. I always try to make a conscious effort to pack some active wear. I know I can get hung up sometimes on having a variety of evening outfits but as long as you pack a few pairs of workout clothes, the more incentive and reason you will have to get an exercise in on your vacation!

3. Packing food for the trip is wise, because healthy food choices are not always available or easily accessible when traveling. Sandwiches and fresh fruit are easy for road trips, and an over-sized handbag can hold granola bars and dried fruit for airplane rides. I always bring snacks with me for my kids to eat on the go – I find that it keeps them energized and more alert.

4. You can let some routines slide for your kids like strict bedtime rules and eating a few extra sweets. Still, keeping the children on some semblance of their regular schedule and habits is vital to keeping them well. Healthy and happy on a trip are both good goals.

5. Make certain that you relax and enjoy yourself. Set your mind to remain in relaxation mode and soak everything in. You and your family can make memories to last a lifetime when you all enjoy the time traveling together. As much as I like to relax and make wonderful memories – I also try to get a run or walk in the morning before my kids awake because not only does it set my day up well but who wants to take those ‘extra’ vacation pounds home with them!?

Fit Family Lifestyle Month gives me a good excuse to pass on what I have learned through the years travelling with my family and keeping everyone healthy. You can take a moment to recall a special trip you have taken with family. Remembering what made that getaway experience uniquely memorable, you can also take some of my ideas when you next plan your next trip with your children.

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