Is The Winner of The Biggest Loser Too Much of A Loser?

Apparently the popular body transformation and weight-loss show announced its winner the other night Rachel Frederickson.  I watched her on morning talk shows today from the doctor’s office and she appears to be EXTREMELY happy.  They showcased her before and after photo and announced she lost over 60% of her total body weight.


I have to admit that is an amazing feat and takes loads of discipline.  During her interview this morning she stated it took over 7 months to lose the weight.  She also shared how she gained all of it – over a man.  She fell in love and followed a man to Germany.  Once it didn’t work out she hid herself behind food until she could no longer take it and decided to join The Biggest Loser show to regain who she once was – an avid swimmer for sport.

She won over $250K and when asked what she will do with the money – she stated the obvious – GO SHOPPING!  Shopping for new clothes, new bathing suits (bikinis) and save it so she can finally enjoy life.  Holly Robinson told her to get a new purse.  LOL.  Congrats to her and all that she has accomplished.  I did start seeing on the social media hotlines questions about whether she lost “too much” weight.  I’m not one to judge and the experts can weigh in (no pun intended) but what do you think?

Has Rachel lost TOO much weight?

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    Tiki February 5, 2014 (7:09 pm)

    As long as she is healthy, I would say no. I don’t know how small she was before she gained weight and this may be her previous size. I know at a size 4 people told me I was too small. So, I would never tell someone that b/c it’s not my place or anyone elses’ as long as their is not health issue involved.