How You Doing?

I made it through 3 days of boot camp this week and 1 personal training session with Heather!  Hallelujah!!!!  I did have some foul ups on the diet front but trust me – boot camp yesterday and this morning definitely made me pay for it.

Let’s check out my workouts for this week so far:


Day 1 of boot camp and we were placed in the small gym which means it was hot, the floor was wet and we were extremely sweaty!  We had a few casualties as some folks fell trying to do the 15 touches, suicides and side shuffles.  It was great returning and seeing everyone because I truly missed everyone while I had my month of May hiatus!  These folks really help to give me wings!!!!  I juiced watermelon and pineapple so that kept me super hydrated before and after the workout.  I still drank well over 56 oz of water during the session.  Yeah felt like I could float.

IMG_0578 IMG_0584


I had my workout with Heather and she had no mercy on me.  She went up on all of my weights and the gym was hot and muggy so I was really struggling.  We did chest presses, lateral raises, front raises, squats, lunges, bench hops, diamond push ups and flyes.  The torture didn’t stop there – that is just all I can remember right now!!  Our goal was for me to burn at least 200 kcals in 30 minutes and as you can see here on my HRM I exceeded that goal.  Now the goal went up to 250 kcals per 30 minutes.  EEK!  Considering we just did over 150 push ups on Monday…..I was FRIED!  I also won and received a new raw cook book and ate sautéed kale for dinner.  Kale tends to give me energy.

IMG_0586 IMG_0588 IMG_0590


Day 2 of Sanders Optimum Fitness Boot Camp and let me just say….we were still in that little gym.  BUT not before we went out and ran on the turf on their big field!  100 yards never looked so far.  We did ladders and sprints and the thing that pushed me to run as fast as I could was to get some rest at the end.  We had a major superstar in class that day who ran circles around us that day.  We started with 5 times around the field which felt like 1 mile to me but we were told wasn’t.  Mmmm hmmm…tell us anything.  Still had enough time to get my calorie burn on because we ended back in the small gym where the torture continued.  🙂



Day 3 of boot camp and chiillleee we were back in the big gym – my comfort zone.  Well they didn’t make it too comfortable because we hit ab work HARD and then hit 2 sets of sprints!!!!  We started with our famous 11 times around which is a mile in that gym and I like that because I get to listen to my  music.  What was I banging in my ears you say?  Friend Of Mine by Kelly Price and How Many Drinks by Miguel.  Yessssssssss they kept me going.  I finished the 1-miler under 9 minutes which is becoming my new normal.  The superstar today was my girl and neighbor Michelle.  I could not catch her on that mile run this morning!  I’m not making excuses…ok maybe a little, but my legs were also tight.  I didn’t stretch before the warm up run but I never stretch!  YIKES and ducks!!!!


So far that is my fitness week in review.  I am supposed to be volunteering and working with some kids tomorrow to help them get their fitness on.  I’ll let you know who wears who out.  LOL!  I have almost met the June challenge of 5 workouts per week.  I need one more day.  You might say I have another day left – well because of work I won’t be working out tomorrow which is a 5 am, 5 mile run around our famous Owings Mills loop.  I will miss the girls but hey – gotta pay the bills.

What fitness plans do you have this weekend?

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