How Far You Can Go

Today was a great day.  Not just because it is part of a 3-day weekend or it’s the holiday.  I know the day just started but it was an amazing morning.  I met up with five other women at 6:00 am and we hit the pavement to work our bodies so it stays fit and healthy.  One of my former neighbors came out this wonderful morning too!  I was so happy to see her, even though I accidentally called her someone else’s name because my brain was stuck on that person’s name and it sounds somewhere similar.  Alrighty then – she let me know she isn’t that fast.  We are cool with that because it isn’t how fast or how far, it is how you finish what you start.

Off we go on our loop around the 5-mile block.  Ha!  The first mile I ran my pace to get my heart rate up. It felt good.  At the first corner I waited for my crew because we don’t want to leave anyone behind.  That just isn’t how we roll.

IMG_0514I walked the second mile to keep company with our newcomer.  It was a nice vigorous walking pace down hill but I got to talk to her and learn something new about her after all of these years.  We talked about why we were out there and how it wasn’t about vanity.  Of course we all want to look attractive but it was about something much bigger than that.  It was about doing what we can do to be here for our children.  We want to be healthy and live long to enjoy our lives and our children.  She lost her mother when she was 11 years old to breast cancer.  She has a 13-year old son now and wants to see him grow up and hit all of the famous milestones (graduate college, get married, have grandchildren, etc.).

I explained that was my  motivation too.  I have 2 children under the age of 12 and I wanted to see them grow up and hit those same milestones.  I wanted to be able to physically keep up with them and if I was in an emergency, have enough energy to climb up or down the stairs without losing my breath.  There is a plethora of reasons why I do what I do when it comes to fitness and one of the last things is vanity.  Not saying there is anything wrong with it – but it is not my main driver and motivator.  Do I want to be attractive to my husband?  Yes.  Do I want to fit in 1-digit sized clothes?  Yes.  I figure if I do what I need to do for a healthy heart and lungs the rest will fall into place.

Today wasn’t about getting a personal best in time.  It was about encouraging someone who otherwise may not have come out.  In the middle of our walk my friend decided to ask how far was the loop.  I giggled and told her it was five miles.  You should have seen the look on her face.  LOL!!!!  I continue to giggle every time I think about it.  I told her right then – “Hey, we already at 2 miles so you are almost halfway done so let’s keep going”.  When we hit 3 miles I told her the same thing – let’s keep going you are halfway there.  At the very end of the 5 miles I hugged her, and the other ladies as well, and then told her before we left “Go tell your son you just did 5 miles before 8 am today”.  You should have seen the proud smile on her face.  I was very happy I was a part of that and to me that is what it is all about.


Who have you encouraged lately to get up and out of their comfort zone to do something they may not have ordinarily done?

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