Growing A Garden

Home garden 2014

This year I decided to grow my very own vegetable and herb garden.  I know tomato is technically a fruit but work with me won’t ya?  Since there is so much talk about all the things they spray our produce with I thought it would be a smart idea to grow my own garden another year.  I typically do this every year.  Check out my video from 1 years ago.

This year I am growing:

1.  Green bell pepper

2.  Basil

3.  Radicchio lettuce

4.  Red lettuce

5.  Sweet cherry tomatoes

6.  Lemon thyme

7.  Rosemary

8.  Mint

9.  Oregano

10.  Cilantro

Can you tell I am planning on chowing down this Summer and that includes not buying any expensive mint for mojitos all Summer long?  If you haven’t noticed already I also plan to make salsa fresh from my garden.

All of my barrel containers and clay pots were purchased at Home Depot.  My veggies and herbs were purchased at Home Depot and a local nursery.  I used Miracle Gro Organic Soil also purchased at Home Depot.

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Leave a comment telling me what you are growing this year in your garden.


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