Fitness YouTubers We Love

I have been on YouTube watching videos from everything from fitness, health and wellness to hair styling videos.  Now that I have begun creating my own content on YouTube I can say I have even more admiration for the YouTubers who have been doing this for some time.

It takes time, patience, creativity and imagination to come up with content day in and day out year after year.  With all this said I want to share with you some of my absolute FAVES!  I am sure you will find their channels awesome.

If you go check them out, and you should because I told you their channels are AWESOME, then show some support by giving a thumbs up, commenting, sharing or subscribing.  Trust me you won’t be disappointed.  Let them know Femme Fitale Fit Club sent you. 🙂

YouTubers We Love

1.  Food Heaven Show

Wendy and Jess are the brilliant minds behind Food Heaven Show on YouTube and they are a wealth of information.  Their channel concentrates on healthy eating, cooking, and nutrition and they share quality content because these two powerhouses are certified nutritionists and dieticians so they know what they are talking about.  Check them out and show them some love.


2.  HangTightwMarC

MarC is a fitness guru.  Are you looking for a new challenging workout you can do at home?  Then this fitness YouTube channel is for you.  MarC shares FREE workouts, healthy eating tips and motivation.  Her channel is super inspiring.  Stay tuned, she granted us an interview and I am extremely excited.  Check back so you catch it.


3.  TheBodyWorkoutTV1

You all know Sheila if you have been checking out our weekly Workout Wednesday Link Ups.  She is the woman behind The Frugal Exerciser and she also has a YouTube channel where she shares at-home exercises for those who can not necessarily afford a gym membership.  She also shares modified version of exercises for those who have certain ailments like knee or back issues.   Check her out.


4.  HeyFranHey

HeyFranHey is a YouTube channel you definitely want to watch!  She shares some amazing content from fitness, fashion, hair, nutrition, and DIY.  This lady really does a lot.  I have been following her blog and channel for YEARS and she consistently puts out knowledgeable and interesting content.  Pay her some mind and subscribe to her channel.  She is absolutely one of my all-time faves!


5.  SweshFit

When I watch Markita of SweshFit boy oh boy I get so inspired because she is SO well…..FIT!  She is a certified personal trainer and shares workouts that are intense but don’t take a lot of time so they are perfect for the busy body on the go.  She has monthly fitness challenges as well as shares her own journey with Paleo.  You definitely want to watch what she is doing on her channel.

There you have it – these are just a handful of our favorite fitness YouTubers we chose to feature today.  Do you already check out their channel?  Which YouTube channels do you recommend?

2 Replies to "Fitness YouTubers We Love"

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    July 23, 2014 (4:53 pm)

    I’ve been looking for fitness channels to watch, thank you for giving these guys a shoutout.

    • comment-avatar
      July 23, 2014 (4:54 pm)

      I think you will enjoy their channels.