Fitness Fashion Friday – Let’s Look Hot While Working Out

Thanks to my fellow fitness blogger friend Danielle Stewart of Fitness Fashionista, she has patiently taught me how to pull together fitness fashion ensembles to recommend and suggest to YOU my readers.  I’ve been wanting to do this since like FOREVER but didn’t know how to quite go about it.  So thank you Danielle for showing and sharing!!

And if you haven’t already – check out her blog Fitness Fashionista where she shares not only workouts and workout tips, but healthy recipes, stylish workout clothes, fitness challenges and much much more!  Her blog is amazing and I am sure you will enjoy reading all of it.

Now on to this week’s ensemble – this is something I would definitely ROCK myself.  I pretty much own most of what you see here except for that cool logo tank.  It all starts with Believing In Yourself and then you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to.  Whether it be lifting a heavier weight, running an extra mile after you already ran 15 or stepping away from the table right when your stomach tells you it is full.  Believe you can and YOU WILL!

Now I am a person who loves printed capris.  Matter of fact I am always looking for stylish capris because the black ones well……are just boring to me now.  I found these absolutely fabulous to pair with the tank.

Every woman needs a good water bottle and what is better than a logo one with just more motivating quotes to keep you going?  I found it to be very cute!  Matter of fact – I think I am going shopping this weekend to pull my gym look together.

I hope you enjoy this collection.

Which pieces do you want for yourself?

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