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Hi everyone.  I know it may seem I have been slacking but I have actually been keeping quite busy.  I have gone full throttle into boot camp and working out with my personal trainer the second month in a row so full beast mode is on!  I have noticed a few things:

Clothes are looser

Workout clothes need an overhaul because again, they are loose and are falling down while I am running

Biceps and arms getting more defined

Appetite for junk is becoming more curbed

Mental clarity is in full effect

Abs are acting like they want to get flatter

How did all this happen?  I would say focus and dedication.  When I get tuned into something it is hard to get me to let it go until I am done.  Until I am finished.  That can be one of my greatest assets or a worrisome fault depending on the situation but when it comes to my body and my health it is NOT a bad thing.

I have always craved to connect with other women who felt the way I did about health and fitness and the boot camp I attend has done just that for me!  I have met some incredible ladies who are competitive, driven and committed.  They help me bring out my best because they are encouraging and your biggest competition all at the same time.  It is all friendly competition and I LOVE THAT!

So this weekend we decided to get together and workout this morning at 8 am at the local High School track.  All five of us showed up on time and ready to go.  We started with a 1/4 jog around the track.  Then we warmed up with side shuffles, forward and backward jogs, sprint forward and back as well as skips and side jumping jacks to get the blood moving and the heart pumping.

Then we did the 15-touch minute sprint drill which is dreaded by all.  The distance we used it slightly longer than what we do in boot camp but it was widely agreed it would be to our benefit to nail the longer stretch to improve our time in class.  This drill SUCKS but it is worth all of the agony.  TRUST ME!


Next we did 200 jumping jacks, 150 push ups, 11 sets of high knees, another 15-touch minute drill and a final 1/4 mile around the track.  It was excellent!  The comraderie and support is off the charts and we DO plan to do it again over the holiday break!!!  I am so glad and happy I met these amazing and inspiring ladies.

Have you met anyone this week who has helped bring out your personal fitness best?  Tell me all about it.

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