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Kristi Shae

I’ve prayed for years to get my weight under control. My highest weight recorded was 691 pounds.

I’m sure I reached 700+ at one point. After a divorce, I knew I had to make a change for my children’s sake.

We had no one to depend on and do everything, anymore! I stopped drinking sodas & juices, some days I was drinking 12 pack cases of Pepsi.

Hardly drank water, I started drinking Jesus Juice frequently (Water)🤣and crystal light and I stop ordering fast food.

I never cooked and I ate fast food 3-4 daily!! I switched things up, I worked out in a chair.

Kristi Shae

I was to big I couldn’t stand more than 60 seconds!! That’s all I could do then, I had lost over 100 pounds on my own.

Then I had surgery and have lost over 100 since then as well. You have to have a new way of thinking when it comes to your eating in this journey.

It took time to get to that place,along with praying. I thought I never get it together and lose weight!

I prayed and asked God for help, take a step and he will equip you to do what you can’t. ❤️


Kristi Shae


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