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Find out what Tarsha did to begin her weight loss journey and live her very best and healthy fit life.

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Hello, my name is Tarsha Burrows. I am 39 yrs old and have been married for 12 yrs. I have two daughters 19 & 8.  I currently homeschool my 8 yr old and work part-time as an administrative assistant.

What sparked your weight-loss transformation journey?

I had enough of talking the talk and not walking the walk. I was fed up with the weight gain and decided it was time to go into action and lose the weight.

What was your beginning and current weight or measurements?

My beginning weight was 163 lbs.  I currently weigh 134 lbs.

How long did it take for your weight-loss transformation from beginning to end?

I started working out the beginning of 2015. I had plenty of set backs, making every excuse to why I couldn’t work out.

So, I decided to get a trainer in 2016. His name was Michael. He held me accountable for my weight loss.

My goal was to be 140 lbs by the end of 2016 and I hit that goal. The middle of 2017 I exceed my goal weight and currently weigh 134 lbs.

Which physical activities did you participate in during your journey?

I knew cardio would not help me alone build the body that I wanted. So, I started weightlifting.

I know a lot of women are afraid to lift weights, but lifting weights for me helped shape my body to what it is today. I actually only do 15 minutes of cardio before I lift weights.

How did your eating habits change?

I gave up soda and juices. I also cut out carbs on the days I don’t train.

What do you typically eat for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner?


Eggs, Turkey sausage, strawberries and coffee.


Nice salad


Shrimp over Spinach or chicken breast with some veggies

What is your favorite fitness activity?

Lifting weights. In love leg day!!!

What do you do now to maintain your physique?

I watch what I eat and workout at least five days a week.

How did you develop and sustain the willpower to avoid the bad stuff (i.e. junk food, bad drinks, lack of activity, etc.)?

I’m a still working on that, lol!

What advice do you have for someone looking to get started with their fitness journey but not sure where to begin?

Do not compare your journey with someone else’s journey. Don’t make excuses to why you can’t work out.

Dedication and commitment is the key to meeting your goal. Also, surround yourself with positive people.

If it wasn’t for my group TEAMGUADBODY to help motivate me when I wasn’t feeling it. I’m not sure what would have happened.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about this journey?

Its not easy!! There is no quick fix weight loss. The journey never ends.

How can readers learn more about your transformation and journey online (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)?

Instagram – naturalbeauti79

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