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Find out how Chayla started her fitness journey and used keto to obtain her amazing results.

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Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hey everybody my name is Chayla. I’m 19 years old and I’m in college and work 2 jobs lol. I love cooking and making new recipes.

What sparked your weight-loss transformation journey?

When I took pictures, I hated how all of them turned out and I didn’t feel pretty. I was bussing out my jeans and I just knew I was eating really unhealthy but being in high school it was so hard to balance school and losing weight. So once I graduated I knew I was going to change for myself for the better.

What was your beginning and current weight or measurements?

I began at 224 pounds in May 2018 and I’m

Currently around 170.

Which physical activities did you participate in during your journey?

I would walk/run on the treadmill for 40 minutes and do squats from time to time.

How did your eating habits change?

My eating habits changed when I learned about keto, Which is a low carb high fat diet.

I drink a lot of water and green tea.

What’s your favorite fitness activity?

My favorite fitness activity is swimming. I love being in the water.  I still work out and now I’m incorporating more lifting. 

What keeps you motivated?

Once I saw the weight coming off in a week I just had to keep going. I didn’t want my New Years resolution to be the same about losing weight.

What advice do you have for someone looking to get started with their fitness journey but not sure where to begin?

My advice would be to take things slowly and you have to pick that “thing” that’s going to keep you motivated and push you everyday. 

What do you think is the biggest misconception about this journey?

I think people believe that keto is a horrible diet and this and that. Keto has a lot of benefits other than weight loss.

How can readers learn more about your transformation and journey online (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)?

I post a lot on my Instagram @Ketochayla and I will be posting on my YouTube as well on Chayla Marie.




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