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Amber Clay

I have never been within a normal weight. Let me say it again I have never been within a normal weight. I recall when I visited my doctor in 3rd grade for a check-up, weighing in at 157 pounds,  she showed me a chart that said I would be well over 215 pounds by the time I graduated high school and she was right.

I weighed 227 pounds on my eighteenth birthday. This weight ballooned through college and there after. I was miserable depressed and just tired. I remember my doctor telling me that due to my weight  being 287 pounds I would have to be induced and I would not be able to carry my baby to term. It was an awful reality to me, I had no prior health issues no diabetes high blood pressure but my weight was not good and it was causing stress on my baby.

Shortly after I had my daughter I started looking into weight loss surgery and other options. After careful consideration in the Spring of 2015 I started the process to have the gastric sleeve. I went through a rigorous six month weight loss program that included nutrition, counseling, and a workout plan. During that time I lost 7 pounds on my own. I realized how much I needed this tool. I had surgery in November and to date I have lost 108 pounds.

Amber Clay

I will not say that I took the easy road, having the gastric sleeve was just a tool to help aid in my weight loss. I have to workout, which I do M-F for 2 hours, and I also have to eat clean I have adopted a low carb high protein lifestyle and it is amazing. I feel like a new person, and I am grateful.

If you want results you have to work hard for them nothing will come easy. I hope this encourages someone on their weight loss journey.

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