Drop Down Low with Beyonce

One of the primary tenets constantly repeated is “muscle confusion”.  “Change it up and keep the body guessing”.  Well today we did JUST THAT!  The other evening my boot camp sister posted a funny mention about how she will imagine being one of Beyonce’s back up dancers when we start doing the voluminous number of squat reps!

Several of us commented on the post and was having a good time with it.  Until……..our boot camp coach saw the post and inquired about what song we would like for him to play next time we perform the squats.  The instigator…ahem I mean initiator of the post said “Get Me Bodied” by Beyonce.  Why did she say that?

Soooooo today we all show up for boot camp.  I am secretly praying he forgot all about the Facebook exchange and will forget all about them dangnabbit squats.  He lines us up after a RIGOROUS 2 rounds of sprints and we begin the push up sets.  That was fine…well not really my arms feel like oodles of noodles right now.  Then he lines us up for our first set of 250 squats!  No music….just you, your breathing and the lactic acid burn keeping you WIDE AWAKE and aware you are suffering through these squats.

We repeat the push up set and then return to the last squat set and then he walks over to the boom box and BLAM “Get Me Bodied” by Ms. Carter!!!  I have to admit – that helped to add a little pep in my squats.  I could fully imagine being a back up dancer for Beyonce!  On stage in front of the cheering crowd (a woman can imagine can’t she LOL).  We have some seasoned boot camp sisters in our session and they were JAMMING when he started the music.  It was so much fun and refreshing because it truly was a CHANGE of pace and I am sure CONFUSED  a lot of folks who were not privy to the online exchange that led to all of this.

That song and the beat allowed me to get through that second set of 250 squats and feel fabulous while doing it even though I was a sweat mess!  Ha!  Big high five to coach for making boot camp a little fun and out of the ordinary today.  I know I can still drop down low and hit the floor with it!  At least I tried.

Enjoy some Beyoncé!


What gets you out of a workout routine rut and helps you keep pushing when you want to stop?

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    December 6, 2013 (11:06 am)

    I either try something new or take a few days off. Both work well for that dreaded rut!