I double dipped today.  I already had plans to work out with my trainer at Brick Bodies Fitness Center in Reisterstown but I did something impromptu and also went out to run 3 miles afterwards!  It was exhilarating!!!!!

Considering we had so many squats and lunges yesterday in boot camp – today was no easy task.  IT HURT!  Want to see what I did – take a look below.

Equipment needed:

Cable machine

Seated row machine

Leg press machine

Leg extension machine

Doubles   #Workout
# Exercise Rep Weight
1 Leg   extensions minis 15 90
2 Leg extensions – top   pulses 15 90
3 Leg extensions full   range 15 90
4 Single leg press   right 15 90
5 Single   leg press left 15 90
6 Seated   row 20 60
7 Cable   machine bicep curl 20 60
8 Cable   machine reverse bicep curl right 15 40
9 Cable   machine reverse bicep curl left 15 40
REPEAT (increasing   reps as needed)
9 Squat thrusts with   jump 20
10 Squat jumps 20
11 Squat   pulses 20
12 Alternating   front lunges 20
Done in 30 minutes

It was hard but good.  I burned some major calories but Heather says she wants me to burn at least 200 calories while lifting in our 30-minute training session.  I wear my Polar FT4 to the gym now and she notices which is why I think she has now invoked this new challenge!!  GRRRRRR!   

Calories HRM range

Say what say who say what????  :-O  Ahem….umm ok.  I then went home and received a response to my text from my fitness sister Michelle about running our 3-mile neighborhood loop.  I knew it would be challenging but I really wanted to see how much endurance I had built up with all of the sprints and constant movement in boot camp so OFF we went.  She walked on around the corner and then I had to fiddle with my equipment.  I switched from the Polar to my iPhone 4S to run with my apps which map my run, calories burned, tracks my pace averages and automatically queues my music playlist for me.

To get all of this accomplished I ran 2 apps at one time the Nike+ and Wahoo Fitness.  They both serve their purpose.  Wahoo Fitness hooks up to my Wahoo HRM and tracks my heart rate and calories burned which was its primary purpose for me on this outing.  The Nike+ maps my route, talks to me in my ear about my pace after every mile and automatically plays my playlist which I can easily fast forward through on the main screen with ease without having to flip to the music app.  I still struggle getting all of that prepped and hooked up when I go out to run but I figure practice will make perfect.

We did our normal loop but it was NO ordinary run.  We beat our times from last summer by almost 10 minutes!!!!!  Now THAT is progress!!!!!!!!  We conquered the hills, even incorporated some sprints during the run to make sure our pace was challenging…and we NEVER STOPPED until it was over!

Wahoofitness Nike


I thank Monte Sanders of Sanders Optimum Fitness as well as my trainer Heather Brooke Malone-Wolfe who helped me break through my comfort zone.



Don’t I look happy?


What have you done lately to challenge yourself while working out?


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