What Chocolate Milk & Apolo Ohno Have In Common

Apolo Ohno -Mission Apolo: BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK

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As you know, here at Femme Fitale Fit Club we love celebrating athleticism in the every day person and every once in a while in a world-renowned athlete.  Today we want to share our admiration for world-class athlete Apolo Ohno.

If you don’t know who Apolo Ohno is then you must have just been born.  He is an eight-time medalist (two gold, two silver and four bronze) in the 2002 Winter Olympics for short track speed skating category.  He is a true athlete and definition of a champion.

Guess what?  If you want to get to know him, he is still very active and you can have a chance to see this wonderball in action.  In April he accepted a challenge to transfer his skills, power and speed from short-track speedskating to a triathlon.  He is competing in the 2014 Ironman© World Class Championship Race in Kona-Kailua, Hawaii on Saturday, October 11, 2014.  An Ironman is the top of the line of all races because a competitor must transition through and complete 3 key events, by a certain time, in order to be adorned with the title of Ironman.  If you aren’t familiar (I know that isn’t the case with my readers) then let me provide some quick facts on it:

  • It is comprised of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and 26.1 mile run which needs to be completed in 17 hours
  • You have to qualify to participate

Mission Apolo Series

As you can see, this race requires a true class athlete with focus, dedication and the right fuel to push through this.  If you would like to see World-Class Athlete Apolo Ohno in action, he joins Women’s Health editor Jen Ator for a six-month training and recovery program with sports dietitians and elite professional coaches 8X IRONMAN© World Champion Paula Newby-Fraser and 3X World Champion Craig “Crowie” Alexander.

Watch him train (I know I am curious to know how rigorous it is) by catching the 8-episode, behind-the-scenes content and training tips from Apolo Ohno and Jen at www.gotchocolatemilk.com I think you will be riveted.

 CM 8 19

 One of the key elements to excellent performance, especially for endurance sports, is refueling properly.  This is where chocolate milk comes in.  I was informed years ago chocolate milk was excellent for refueling after long runs and tough workouts but not until recently did I learn the science behind it.  Mind you, I am not a certified nutritionist or trainer but all you have to do is a little research to learn the following about lowfat chocolate milk:

  • has B vitamins that convert fuel into energy
  • contains calcium, vitamin D, phosphorous, protein and potassium that support bone development
  • provides fluids and electrolytes such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium to replenish what was lost during tough workouts
  • has the right carb-protein ratio scientifically shown to refuel exhausted muscles and help return muscles back to pique potential

If you want more information about the wonderful world of lowfat chocolate milk you can find it here:  Chocolate Milk Backed By Science.  Whatever you’re building, build it with chocolate milk.

Chocolate milk is the official refuel beverage for several elite races and athletes so we will get a glimpse how Apolo will use chocolate milk during his 2014 Ironman© World Championship training, practice and ultimately his endurance race.  To answer the original statement of this article – both Apolo Ohno and chocolate milk will be at the 2014 Ironman© World Class Championship Race!

What fun facts do you know about Apolo Ohno?  

Do you plan to watch his 8-part training series?  

Do you currently drink chocolate milk after a tough workout?



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