Brick Bodies Contest I Entered

Here is what I stand to win if I come in first place at the end of this contest:


Clearly I am trying to come in first place but will take second place as well.  🙂  So please please please (yes I’m back to begging again) help me out and vote for me DAILY by clicking HERE and scroll to the bottom and look for my name Diatta Harris and this face.187654_537430494_1045081676_q


1.  You will have to “ALLOW” the Social Treadmill app

2.  You WILL have to “LIKE” the Brick Bodies page but no worries, once this is done – unlike them if you wish

3.  Best to vote via iPad, laptop or desktop.  Mobile phone will work but is a little tricky

So come on….all I ask is you spend 5 seconds of your day – well every day until the contest ends to keep voting for me so I can place first!!  Here’s a big smooch in advance thanks for helping me win MUAH!!!!!


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