Boot Camp, Green Smoothies OH MY!

It’s April 8th and we started off the April boot camp session today!  Wow, what a difference a week off makes!  I didn’t really have an entire week off.  I did continue going to the gym, doing the stepmill and working on my cardio but this stuff never ever really compares to a boot camp session.  BUT I got it in and got through it.  We did our fit tests today so you know how this went:

  1. 1 mile warm up run under 10 minutes.
  2. push up pyramids starting at 1 and ending at 17
  3. 30-second suicides (2 sets)
  4. 15 touches in 1 minute
  5. walk, jog run X drills
  6. and a world wind of ABS!

I’m sore!  I still managed to keep my heart rate up and come home and consume my green smoothie.  My body needed it.

I worked out with my Polar FT4 heart rate monitor and wore my trusty dusty Asics GT running shoes for arch support and comfort.

April 8 2013

Can you say you got it in today?  What did you do?  April is the no joke month FOR REAL!  Summer is almost here and you won’t want to be left behind.  Let’s GET IT!

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